Offensive realism in 21th century

World is changing rapidly with growing geopolitical and geostrategical concerns of the countries.A number of theories have been given to explain system of the the eminent theories is defensive realism.this theory is on the view that international system is “Anarchic”,so,states should increase their power to make themselves more secure and powerful.

Some of the important elements of this theory have been jotted down below;

1.compitition for maximum power

Structure of international system is composed of,both,smaller and great powers.though u.N has some sort of influence over countries but it has failed to stop major powers from invading smaller powers.such as invasion of Russia in georgia and intervention of America in vietnam.Major power are increasing their powers to create their hegemony even at the stake of interest’s of smaller powers.even though,such a race to increase security dilemma;still,major power are on the way to create their hegemony. syatem is anarchic

Offensive realist,are of the view that international system is it is imperative for the countries to make them more powerful in order to prevent external involvement in their natiinal affairs,and to create hegemony over others.

let us take the example of middle east.Dinald trump has decided to increase american involvement in order to pursue power seeking has played a major role in the contour of american policy.

3.uncertainty of states action.

Realists,are of the view that actions of states cannot be determined.every new presedent comes up with new,in order to avoid any risk of uncertainties,countries should be capable enough to survive in any kind of anarchic system.

4.Capabilities of states.

State must be capable enough-in terms of military,economic,geographical position,resources-to pursue her power seeking goals.China is not only increasing her military capabilites but also economic capabilities to make herself secure.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

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