United Nations has failed to achieve its purpose

United Nations was formed to bring peace and avoid war. It was hoped that world would not encounter any other major war. Efforts were made to ensure the implementation of Uno agenda. There are a few achivements of United Nations. However, the major conflicts of world are still pending to be resolved. If we talk about human rights, it will be realized that many people are suffering because of discriminatery policies of Uno for developed and developed countries. Had ther been active role of UNO, America would have not dared to invade Iraq. Moreover, after Arab spring, middle east trapped into a quagmie. Iraq, syria and yamen have lost their glory. People of these three countries are dying but UNO has failed to solve this issue. Moreover if we talk about right of self determination, we will realize that how palestinians,kurds and kashmiris are deprived of this right of theirs. Moreover, our world has seen many issues eg Rawanda genocide, serbian crisis, afghanistan war, vietnam war etc. Moreover, Rohingia crisis is another issue that shows how UNO has failed to bring peace in the world. 


Is Afghanistan another vietnam for USA

Vietnam war

Though the case studies of Afghanistan war and vietnam war are different, there are so many similarities. Being super power, America aspires to maintain her hegemonic influence all over the world. It is not wrong to say that American involvement in vaitnam was due to her imperialistic ambitions. America fought a war that was not infact her own war. If we reminiscene vaitnam war, we will understand how people suffered just because of wrong policies of America. In 1950s Vietnam was under the influence of frances. At that time, insurgency was started, against the rule of france in vietnam, under the leadership of Ho chi, a resurgent of north vietnam. After this, ho chi eatablished his own government in north vietnam. He announced the establishment of his government that was recognized by china and USSR. Afterwards, u.s backed french based government in south vietnam. At this point, fight between north vietnam under the leadership of ho chi backed by china and USSR and south vietnam backed by france and America reached at its worst point. In the beginning, America backed France by providing military support but gradually she started sending troops to south vietnam. This fight was not free from violance and violation of human right. A lot of people were killed including children. American troops present on the soil of vietnam reached around 1.5 million. American remained there for 10 years and finally decided to withdraw by considering the ground realities. It was a right decision without any iota of doubt.

Afghanistan war-after 9/11

As almost everyone knows Aghanistan crisis was started after 9/11 attack. This crisis has become a never ending phenomenon. Immediately after attack on twin towers, America decided to send her troops to Afghanistan. Taliban government was toppled. American came with an ambition toeradicate the menace of terrorism and bring peace in the region. A coalition government was formed in Afghanistan. Now Afghan government backed by America and taliban not overtly backed by any country are fighting to win this war. Its been 18 years since the beginning of this war. Many American presidents during their election compaings came up with plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, it was never followed after becoming president. The number of American Military soldiers has reached around 100000, still no improvement is seen. America claimes that around 41 percent area is under the control of taliban whereas Taliban claimes the control of around 61 percent area of Afganistan. Afghan governemt cannot fight this war without involvement and help of USA. It is estimated that around 840 billion dollars has been spent on this war. It is a huge huge amount. Moreover, aound 2200 Americans have been killed. Being a deveoped country, America uses modern technology while taliban depends on selling of drugs and snatching weapons to fight this war.

 A comparison between vietnam and Afghanistan war:

Vietnam was not American own war but she fought it directly. At that time, America Took a right decision to withdraw from vietnam by considering the fact that this war cannot be won. While In case of Afghanistan, American government do not have any clear long term policy. Their focus is just to win the war at any cost. It seems as if America wants to live here forever. Their focus is just on fighting. It must be realized that war is never a solution when it comes to bring peace in any region. Condering the hold of taliban in Afghanistan, it will be wrong to assume that America can bring peace in the region without consent and agreement of taliban. Infact America is undermining the ground realities thts why they never come with a long term agenda to solve this issue. Condering geopolitical objectives of America, it is considered that America want to stay here to maintain her influence and check the activities of China. But it must be realized that war is not a solution.

Lets share our experiences

Now we are living in a society that demands us certain things. Sometimes we have to do certain tasks that may not do otherwise. We have to follow certain set stands of our society-be it related to studies, job, or personal life- to live in a so called respectable way. Amid all such restrictions and challanges, almost all of us become anxious and sometimes feel helpless. If you have faced such issues please share your experience with us, and enlighten us how you cope with that situation and challange. The very purpose of this post is to motivate others and help people who are going through such issues. 

Feel free to share your experience.

Our pleasure principle

It is mostly considered that the regulation of pleasure principle determines the purpose of human life. There are different views regarding the functionality of these principles. Men feel happines when their needs are fulfilled. However, perpetual presence of hapiness erode the level of our pleasure and enjoyment. Instead we feel pleasure in a state where both happiness and unhapiness come after one another. The latter is easy to get as it can be obtained not only by our own self but also by world and other people. Unhapiness that cames from other people is more painful. 

Clash of civilization and proxy wars

Hunting gave a theory that after cold war clash among countries with be on cultural lines. There are around seven major civilizations in the world. These seven are Muslim, Hindu, western, japanese, chinese,African and orthodox. Huntington further said that these civilization conflicts can be both at micro and macro level. Micro level conflict means conflict between communities and macro level conflict means conflict between countries of differnt civilizations. Many scholars do agree with there views of Hungting. However many disagree with him. To accept his theory, israel-palestine conflict is one of the best examples. Had this conflict  happened between two countries of same civilization, this issue would have solved in a better way. But, owing to the fact that these two nations are from different civilizaions, this conflict has become a never ending phenomenon. Moreover the conflict between west and Islam can be seen in term of America-iran conflict.

Moreover, many people who do not agree with Hungting come up with the view that saudia Iran tussle is one the major conflicts of the world but this conflict is not between two different civilizaion. Personaly i do agree with this mentioned point of view. 

Though Huntington gave an opinion based theory, it needs more clarity and evidence based justifications.

Real development should transform people’s lives not just economic statistics

it is often believed that a country needs to improve economy and economic statistics to bring real development to the country.There is no denying the fact that a strong economy plays major role in taking the country to the height of glory.But, real development cannot be attained only by tranforming economic statistics. It must be realized that real development lies in transforming the lives of people. So, transformation is needed to be made in not only economic but also social and political spheres of life. Nowadys, many countries are trying to tranform the lives of people just improving economic statistics by pursuring the desire to become world’s larget economy. However, the real developmen cannot be achieved until people are getting equal rights, education, food,  shlter, employment opportunities, clean environment, equal justice and protection to practice religious practices.

Too many of us are not living our dreams, because we are living our fears.

Men are born free but are in chains everywhere. Almost every person sets certain goals to make his life comfortable. Our goals are our dreams. every person wants to live his life according to his wishes and dreams. Unfortunately, many of us are not living their dreams but fears. We are living in a globalized world. Nowadays thing are changed and conveyed within seconds. Every socoety has set certain rules for the people. These days, if a person want to have some fame, status or respect, he has to follow those rules. Now these rules have become our fears and we follow them no matter we really want to do so or not. We have indulged ourselves in these fears. We are running aftet one another without realizing and bothing about our dreams. We are so bound in these rules that we cannot live our dreams. In an asian society when a boy wants to become photographer instead of selecting anyother so called nobl profession, he encounters much criticism. Many people follow unwanted paths just to meet societal standards and in turn they start living their fears instead of their dreams.