Palestine-israel:recent developments.

The issue of israel and palestine is not a new one.Starting from “BELFORD DECELERATION”,it has been gone through different stages,in order to bring peace and stability in the region.There have been alot of efforts to start the process of reconciliation between israel and palestine;but,issues still remains unresolved.

Now,many things have been changed.if we look at the map of israel-palestine,then, we wil analyze,how much the position if israel and palestine have been changed.

Considering the current geographical position of both states,IS THERE REALLY ANY POSIBILITY OF TWO STATE SOLUTION? I Doubt over it.

If palestinians really want to bring peace and stability,then, they will have to unite.there are many pulpable divergence between HAMAS and FATAH.they are too indulge in there squabbles to bring peace in the region.if they really want independent state then,they will have to think of some mutually acceptable paradigms that can lead them towards achieving their goal.

A recent effort by the Egypt to bring both parties,HAMAS and FATAH,on the table remained successful.there is a dire need to draw adequate measures in order to bring stability in the region.Both groups,will have to accept that present geographical position of israel and palestine has been changed.around,80% area is under control of israel.palestinian should not relinquish the fact that they are dependent on israel for import.

On the other hand,israel should not denounce the fact that,this issue cannot be solved without bringing palestinians on the talks table.

israel should try to make palestinians economically stable rather than using force to convice them to accept demands of the former.

israel should develop economic and industrial zones for palestinians.

If israel will work to bring agriucultural advancement in the region,it can lower down the grudges of palestian people who are fed of this never ending fight.

Israeli natural gas should be deluvered to palestinians-Gaza,west bank.

Military solution or deterence is not a permanent solution;both will have to solve this issue diplomatically,in order to bring peace in the region.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

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