It is easy to talk about positive thing, about keeping hope alive and about societal positive aspects, when a person is living a healthy and peaceful life. Moreover such so called happy people will always be here to tell others how beautiful this world is. But how a person can understand any other person who is living a completely different life. When one is happy, he looks at things happily but how a happy and an unhappy person can feel, perceive and jugdge same thing in a same manner. When a person is depress, simply he is depress. It is a sheer non sense to advice him to cheer up and take interest in things the way he used to take. There is no exact reason of depression. Also, it can be the part of the life of any person any time. No one choose depression delibrately. When a person becomes depress, his mind simply stops functioning in a normal way. this is what depression is and yes it is real.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

8 thoughts on “Depression”

  1. A truly happy person can step back, observe the unhappy one and possibly take concrete steps to help, without merely mouthing platitudes. Telling someone to “cheer up” is as useless as telling a tense person to “RELAX”.

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  2. On ne peut pas isoler l’homme de son contexte social. a mon avis il ne suffit pas de dire et de faire comprendre une situation à une personne dépressive. Il faut l’accompagner, le soutenir et le remettre dans en contact de la réalité pour qu’il puisse comparer et retrouver l’espoir.


  3. I sometimes think it’s a chemical imbalance in our bodies as well. and of course it complicates life. Those happy people sometimes also hide things well from others…We all seem the same its just that some of us deal with it differently

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  4. Depression is a Big word, my Dear Annie! It is called a ‘Clinical’ word, which means that a Psychiatrist might diagnose that after quite a lot of tests. In Depression, the Brain is Not able to function properly. …More common is Feeling Low.

    A Very Close friend might tell us to Cheer up, sincerely, and We might Accept that. …The Very presence of that friend brings us Out of our condition/situation.

    What I consider More helpful is to share our own Shame/Loss, etc. But this should Not be done to show that I have suffered more than You. Not for boasting.

    Wish You All the Best, Much Love and Blessings. 🙂

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