Human nature

Human beings are different from all other creatures due to their nature and attitudes. It is almost impossible to understand any other person of this world. Everyone try to show their best part to one shows evil aspects of the personality. People harm others in a way that somethings become impossible to understand. Everyone is trying to win an invisible race. Everyone is just running while letting down others. No one is willing to see anyother person more successful. Everyone wants a positive approval and social admiration to live a so called peaceful life. In this globalized world, people are connected with one another through social media. Instead of discussing useful thing, people use social media to show others how happy they are in their lives and how rich they are. They do this by posting, most of the times, fake pictures of places they never have been to and fake pictures of their fake happy faces. Our struggle to get social approval and appreciation is taking our inner peace far away from us.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

6 thoughts on “Human nature”

  1. Part of the difficulty in this is that we don’t even know what is true about ourselves. Nietzsche famously said that “everyone is lying all of the time” because everything we say is based on the fact that we don’t know our true beliefs. Even opinions on politics change with the wind. I think we should never listen to what people say, but watch what they do.

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  2. You are absolutely correct
    It’s very difficult to understand fake people
    If we are true and genuine we think everyone and see them in that aspect and when we are betrayed very tactically by them it hurts. But we have to make up our mind and should try to avoid such persons.
    If they are our close relative or friend it really hurts a lot.

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  3. Very well summarised and very true. Fortunately we have free will that we can use to live our lives more authentically. Carl Jung spoke of the lower-self and the higher-Self. The lower-self is our idealised-self, the self that we want everyone to see about us (but it is not really us). The higher-Self is our true and real self/personality/character after it has been developed (it has to be uncovered – because it already exists like a seed that will grow into a tree). This is our life’s work – to cultivate the seeds that are us, but with all the social media distractions fewer and fewer people are cultivating their seeds and growing into their true-Self. So then we end up with what you have so well described above: mass-inauthentic behaviour and a general degeneration of the inner-spirit of the human. At the end of the day all humans are responsible for their own growth – all we can do is to motivate them to grow (themselves), but they have to make the decision themselves to do so.

    Thank you for a thoughtful post.


  4. Hmm. I can relate to this. And, you’re right. We all seem to be running an invisible race.
    Life has taught me that mistakes are what we did, not who we are. Our past can only harm us if we fail to learn from it.
    Great job. I am inviting you over to my new website it would be a delight to have you there.


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