There is no short cut to success.people who wants to be successful manange time owing to their busy routine.they work for the refurbishment of their skill and fumble their abilities and polish their skills.

Industrial revolution in britain

when we look at the reason which lead britain toward major developments espacially industrial revolution then one major question arises in our mind that why only in britain becuase many other countries were also economically rich then why industrial revolution came in europe (britain)why not in any other country.reasons behind this are following

2.freedom of speech(that was not in most of other countries)

3.freedom of expression

4.tolerance for all type of religious views


5.they decrease power of pops and increase power of parliment.

Collapse of roman empire

Roman empire was one of the strongest and larg empire in remained stable for many years and ruled with full power.Fall of the roman empires was because of many reason-economic and political issues and division of roman empire into east and west part.and one important reason was that king ferdinend was not in favour of charistianity and many people became against him.europe had been indulged in many years war and finally roman empire ended with treaty of westphalia.

Treaty of westphalia was signed in gave following edge to the emerging countries


2.freedom of speech

3.establishment of sovereign government and political system

4.downfall of feudal system

5.stable state-nation system

brief world history

This is amazing how human being statred life and after getting throgh different stages we have reach at a point where we are able to live a comfertable used to live in forests and was dependent on natural food to live his life then gradually man started to live near water because he had realized that he could find more food near water.after that hunting and gathering society started and it lead toward the arival of the concept of started to live in group and divided themselves in two group-one who used to gather food and other one who used to save food-people who were appointed to save and protect gathered items were considerd strong people.this was started of class division.after this with the increase of population tribes became empires and richer became richest and poor became poorest and this division the beginning tribes used to fight with one another for dominance and after empires they started to dominate their empire over the whole world.empired such as greeks and percians started to fight with each other and then at last greeeks became dominant over persians.after this another empire emerged called ottoman empire which became dominant in europe and present day middle east.jews were dominant at that time then came charistanity and then islam.Nation system arived after treaty of westphelia..after discovery of america world entered into a new era.nationlism and imperialism became dominant and ultimately lead toward world war one and world war 2 ..fall of ottoman empire at the end of world war 0ne many countres came under britain influence and got freedom at the end of second world world.bretonwood system and the end of second world war lead toward the rise of libraism and cold war as well.cold war ended with the collapse of ussr and america emerged as only super power.we have lived in unipolar world but now world is moving from unipolar to multipolar world with the rise of china and russia.

Lets see what will happen next đŸ™‚

world is at cross road 

The world which we dwell in is at a cross politicians and military leaders sound incriseinly belligerent and defense doctrines more dangeruos;it all loooks as if world is going away from peace.once our world was a worth living place but conditions of nations have been dilapidated.leaders have become facetious, inexorable and we can easily see revival of realism in twenty first century.incursions and Millitart involvement by super powers in develoing countries-such as syria,yamen,iraq,afghanistn,somalia etc-has made this world a heinous place.besides this,human rights violation has become a never ending phenomenon.sacrilege of holy places and blasphamy has further aggreviated the situation..terrorism,sectarianism,national priorities are the major elements which lead a world toward war and this is what we are facing these days.i dont think so there is one a single country which is not part of this crisis-directly or indirctly.

India-pakistan issue

arab-qatar crisis

u.s.a-russia crisis

russis-ukrain crisis

brexit and u.k

emerging germany and europe issues

u.s.a and so called war on terror

syria and proxy war

yamen and proxy wars of super powers

iran-saudia issues

palestines-israel issues

Above all are major issues and there are many more issues at national and international lever.peace has become a rear thing.

In a nutshell, our world is moving away from peace.