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U.S-pakistan relationship

The nature of this relationship is not easy to be analyzed.it has passed through a number of different stages.the era of cold war was full of different surprizes for pakistan.History has proven tuhat big powers dont feel reluctant to use developing powers for their own purposes.so usa-pakistan relationship is no exception.At the end of world war 2, the u.s.a emerged as a major power.This further caused a number of issues for the rest of the world.A power tussle was started between two major blocks.The U.S.a found pakistan an important ally because of her geographical location that further helped u.s.a to increase its sphere of influence in Asia.This relation further strengthened after signing SEATO and CENTO.furthermore the u.s.a had no issue in seeking permission from pakistan to use her military bases for spy purpose,Such a U 2 incident.Moreover,Aghan war further played role in strangthening the relationship beween both countries.Though Afghan war was in no way american war,still america fought it with full courage by prividing support to Afghan taliban and Army.At that point,Pakistan became the most important ally of America.After this,Pakistan was left on the mercy of God when america suddendly decided to stop all the help at the end of Afghan war.It was followed by pressler Amendment and a number of other sanctions due to nuclear explosion by pakistan.This was not the end.Then 9/11 happened.It came with the new chapter of america-pakistan relationship.After this a never ending war on terror was started.Pakistan again came in the u.s.a camp.America made full use of geostrategic location of pakistan.then president obama came with his soft power mantra.pakistan has been a security centric stage since its formation,and this reason increased the dependence of pakistan on west.Pakistan put her best efforts to make things better.Pakistan provided Nato an easy access to Afghanistan.Pakistsn played major role in curbing the menace of terrorism.Pakistan started zarb e azb to eradicate terrorism.Pakistan took action against a number of terrorist organization, but could never get appreciation.Now president trump is on the stage with full rhetorics.He accused pakistan of providing safe heavens to the terrorist. Pakistan denied this with a response that much has been done to eradicate terrorism.Americs went on repeating “Do more” mantra.Pakistsn is now assertive enough to reply to such allegation.New year started with tweet of trump accusing pakistan,and said that pakistan has given us nothing but lies and deceit.But Mr. President cant you see northen areas of pakistan had come under the influence of terrorist after afghan war.now almost all the areas have been evacuated.Last year,secretary of state Rex tillerson and secretary of defence jim matties visited pakistan.they seemed satisfied over the performance of pakistan but went on repeating “do more” mantra.

Now the question arises why they emphasize on this do more policy.

Might be to maintain their influence in pskistan,and to keep it in their camp.

It is not wrong to say that pakistan is moving away from American influence, and has developed amicable relations with china and Russia.the priorities of pakistan are changes because of CPEC,and indo-us relations are making pakistan do that.Other than this,history has proven that America never feel reluctant to adopt any measure in order to achieve goals.

It seems as if American policy toward pakistan is of brinkmanship.This is perceived after analyzing rhetorics and belligerent statements coming from America..America sees pakistan through the prism of Afghanistan.

Now what pakistan should do?

The policies of pakistan should b pro active rather than reactive.

Pakistan must b assertive enough to present her stance at international level.

Pakistan must tell America to put the efforts in order to stop cross boarder firing on durand line.

Pakistan should make america realize about their allegation.

Pakistan should reduce her dependence on America.

Timely completion of CpEC will bring economic prosperity and as a result pakistan will stand on own foot without the need of any kind of foreign aid.

In a nutshell,Pakistan has done alot in order to bring peace in he region.The menace of terrorism has been eradicated in many areas.America must realize that Results cannot be get within a night.America must think before she speaks otherwise one major ally can be gone into opposite camp.Short cuts are fancy but shoddy.patience and preservance are the road to success.america must tell this axiom to herself before thinking about a better future.

Women empowerment

Women are considered  an integral part of the a society.Heinous crimes perpetrated again women ranges from honour killing,acid throwing,burning,wanni,wata sata,rape,and forced marriages.women are treated brutally and their work is never recognized.In many areas of the world,women are forced to stay at home.people treat them as a slave,and  think of them as an incompitent creature.But we must not forget that no nation can ever rise to the height of glory until your women are side by sider with you.The only solution of all the problems is women empowerment.Those you stifle the potential of women indeed deprives themselves of the contribution of half of its citizens.Women empowermen makes women think independently and they use all their potential to bring prosperity at all the levels.It ensures a stable society and as a result sanity prevails.By considering all these factors it can be said that women empowerment is immensly imperation to the progress of a society.

Importance of education.

Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world.The importance of education cannot be denied because of the fact that it plays major role in the development of social,economic and political life of a nation.A vast responsibility rests on our universities,educational institution,and those who guides their destinies.They have to keep their lights burning and must not stray from the right path even when the passion convulses the multitudes and blinds many amongst those whose responsibility it is to set and example to others.we are not going to reach our goals through crookedness and flirting with the evil in the hope that it might lead to good.Nothing good can be achieved through wrong means.we must earnestly bring our educational policies on the lines suited to the genious of our people,consonant with our history and culture,with regard to the developments that are taking place all over the world.there is an urgent need for training our people in scientific and techincal education in order to build up our future economic life.Education makes people think critically.it enlightens man to all the mysteries.it is not only important for the development of a country,but also for the self development.Nothing is impossible.there is a need to take initiative.Shortcuts are fancy but shoddy.Patience and preservance are keys to success.we need to teach this axiom before we look for a better future.

A lesson to be remembered.

It is usually believed that people behave in a way that is comfortable for them.i totally agree with this,but there can be difference between actual act and the way it is perceived.Not everyone is of same mental compatability.you might like to express a thing in low tone,but some other people might like to explain same thing in comical way.Things are never different.it is the way of expression and perception that creates the difference.Not everyone is good enough in performing a number of things at the same time.If you dont like the behvior of any other person, you must be assertive enough to say it to his/her face.it is better to give your view than keeping things in mind and lamenting over your presence with the person who makes you annoy.it will not only solve your problem,but will also help other person in understanding his/her this bad habit.it is better to say things at the right place instead of ruining plans and mood.

Philosophy of love

Thinking about love in a philosophical way can feel a little cold and clinical.i don’t know if true love exists in an absolute form.But definately it exists thts why it makes people think about it so immensly.  

It exists in many forms.it has different rules and values in different societies and culture.Many researches have been done to find out “truth about existence of love”, but how it can be found equaly same when it exists in different forms and rules.

Only a philosophy could give a philosophical explanation but for a common man,like me,it is not that much complicated thing.

It is not possible to define it in one or two lines definition.Everyone has own way of perceiving it.What makes you fall in love is your Attraction and compatability. Everyone has own choice and philosophy about love.you can’t convince others to believe in your perceptions.

What can be the possible explanation of love:

It all depends upon your thinking and believes.Love is name of a thing that makes us happy and cause pleasure,tranquality,peace.It can be a person,a place or even a thing.People love their parents because they are a source of peace and play major role to make their life a better thing.Some people love their car because they feel much pleasure whenever they get in.some love to travel.People love their partners because they share their life in a way that makes them dependent upon one an other.They find eachother a comfortable person to be live with.Some people do it willingling and some make to do it because of their traditions that keep them together and as a result they start finding their ideal in the next person.This happens when you know you have to do it as there is no other option.so eventually you become comfortable with the person who may not be actually what you ever wanted.

Whenever you see and interact with a person and feel this is exactly equal to my Own choice and imagination then you call it love.you strongly try to enter that person into you sphere of influence.you will surely strict to your choice, but, only if next person will be exactly equal to your expectations.It surely happens that people fall in love but end up soon,Why,because they indeed dnt fall under the choice criteria of next person.They realize it and decide to end up.

Another thing is possible,such as “Your needs and demands”.As,some people find much attraction for those who can fullfill all their basis needs.you start perceving him/her and ideal being.you feel as if it a subject of substential significance in order to make your life  a comfortable thing.You went on thinking about him/her and call it love.And you start thinking that life cannot be possible without that person because you not only idealise him, but also his whole way of life.

As according to Kavanagh,whenever you see a person and find him or her attractive then it results into release of dopamine and you actually feel pleasure.this reaction is so strong that you feel this person is ideal for you.And you went on thinking about him/her.But there could come a time when you may not find it attractive anymore.So,it could end up your that attraction.

In a nutshell,Love really exist in different forms.Everyone has own set of beliefs about it.Everyone defines it according to their choices and preferences.It cannot be same for everyone.It is surely complicated but does exist.

The time we live in is the winter of the world.

Our world has gone through different phases of developments.Human beings have witnessed a number of changes in the world.The time we live is the winter of the world, in a way that it is difficult time from many aspects.We are living in a global village that has created a number of new challanges along with its positive aspects.Man used to live in jungles and caves and his life was free from materialistic thoughts and purposes.He just needed to fullfill his basis needs.Gradually,things started to change their colours, and with this man started to create a space for new phenomenons.And as a result,man learned some new aspect and managed to change his life style.He started to live with others in the form of society.Societies became cities and man steped in on the road of development and new discoveries.A few centuries ago,nothing was same.As,climate was far better than present time,ways of goverments were different,ways of interaction with people were different,nuclear threats were absent.Moreover, invention of new things has created new threats.People are not save even in their own countries.Cyber crimes,blackmailing and hijacking has become a never ending issue.Terrorism is now a common thing.Social difference among nations are too strong to be solved easily.there is a vast disparity between rich and poor countries and rich never feel reluctant to take advantage of misaries of the poor.This disparity is not only at international level but also at national level where not every one gets what he deserves.Amid of all this chaos,it is not wrong to say that the time we live in is the winter of the world.

Be beautiful,Be yourself

Have you ever feel as if you are not beautiful.? If yes then please let me know the definition of being beautiful that actually makes you feel depress.if you say that God loves beauty,then,is it meant you face beauty?

No i repeat No.

God is great and He really Dont differentiate among His People based on their external beauty.Everything is created by Him, how He can dislike his creature.

All these standards are set by people who have created trouble for other persons.if just external beauty matters then what is the purpose of those who are not good enough to be called as beautiful.does God really don’t like them?why there is always a discrimination based on external beauty?.the world in which we live is full of positive vibes,positive energies and positive things.there is nothing present without any purpose.there is nothing to be disliked.

Only those are really not good enough to be called beautiful,who played role to create such negitivity in our world by setting discrimination among people based on the colour of ther skin.

Be yourself and be beautiful by spreading positive vibes,by motivating others,by helping others and by making yourself more beautiful by spreading happiness.