Russia’s new great game

Russia is playing a new great game not only in south asia, but, also in east asia.The emerging new great game in likely to emerge new security partnership and alliances..No country has a permanent friend or enemy when it comes to the condition of security and national interests.


Russian relations with afghanistan have always been on an unstable trajectory.A number of interests have played role in contouring Russian relations with of the major interests of Russia in afghanistan is to get access to warm water.Both countries have fought a long war in 20th century.

Russia is emerging as a great power.Russia has decided to redefine her relationship with Afghan taliban.Russia has already connected herself with afghanistan through railways and road.Russia is planning to get access toward “PERSIAN GULF” through “CHAHBAHAR”.But,the complition of chahbahar depends on the stability in the afghanistan.Russia has decided to establish stable relationship with taliban in order to get her purpose done.


Russia is very much aware of the fact that if America manage to create her influence in central asia, that is a resource rich country,then it will badly affect russian economy.Russia wants central Asain states to be dependent on her.Thats why Rusia is against the PROJECT OF TAPI.

Afghanistan and central asian states are resource rich countries;so,these resourses will be control by the country who will have influence in this region.


Russia has established amicable relationship with pakistan.As,it is imperative for Russia because of pakustan’s geostrategic location.

Russia wants pakistan not to become the part of TAPI.Russia has offered pakistan to help her in completion of IP and to provide cheap gas during winter.Other than this Russia has asked China to provide JF 16 in order to streangthen defense ties.

Russian and pakistan defense ties are increasing.

Russia-china nexus involves many common intereests and both country have many mutual agreement.But,to counter china’s influence and to create an equilibrium Russia has decided to merge Eurasion economic union with CPEC.


Russia-iran nexus has made u.s.a increase military presence in afghanistan.

Indo-u.s.a nexus is on the verge to balance the power of china and Russia

U.S.A has decided to make her relations stable with pakistan,even after rhetorics of president trump.

President Trump is expected to visit china by next month and he is likely to attend ASEAN summit.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

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