Hegemony of english language:Myths and realities

It is believed that around 7000 languages are being spoken in the world.Everyone loves to speak native language.There are a number of countries where more than 100 languages are prevailing at the same time.Language is considered as one of the major components of the nationalism and national identity.it is a symbol of identity.Many people are in favour of learning, just, one or two languages, but many are willing to learn as much as they could.it has been proven by the research that human mind has ability to learn different languages at the same time.it not only sharpens our mind but could broaden our stamina and horizon.it will not be wrong to say that english language has managed to be at the top.There are many myths and realities behind this position of english language.Now question arises what makes english language a global language?why it is being considered as a sign of prestige and honour?it is not a hidden reality that now in this globalized world no one can be on the trajectory of success if he/she cannot speak english.All the eminent magzines,no matter in which country they are being published,have adopted english languages as their official language.All the speeches at international level are required to be delievered in english.now our world has become a globalized world and official language of this world is english without any iota of doubt.In a nutshell,English has become a global language.


1.colonial rule of britin:

During colonial period English was recongnized as official language in all the colonies of England.Eveyone was required to learn it in order to get government job.All the documents were written in english language.it is not a secret that during colonial era english language was considered as level of merit rather than all other achievements.this requirment made colonial citizens shove their languages and adopt english.As,this was only way to be at a prestigious position.

2.Economic developments of England and spread of English language.

England is one of those countries that played major role in bringing economic developments in the world.industrial revolution played major role to make this world into a globalized planet.A journey of thousand miles starts with one step,and this one step was surely industrial revolution that played major role in bringing prosperity and economic stability.English language spread with every train running on the railway trackes of England.it spread with every man who went in some other country to make trade deales.

3.spread of computes made people learn english to pace with flow of technology

After the invention of compute,a long ray of invention was started.Computes required people to learn english in order to understand its basic functioning and operation system.it is an acceptable fact that history repeats itself.And,computes played major role to revive hegemony of english languages.

3.our world is now a global village and its offical language is English:

English language is being used in following manner

1.every pilot is required to learn it.

2.it has become official language of space technology

3.All the eminent magzines are required to be published in English.

4.It is one of the official languages of U.N.O

5.All international trade deals are required to be done in English language.

6.it is imperative to get foreign scholarships.

7.it is comparatively easy to learn

8.it can be understood in every country.

9.All the political leaders and civil servants are required to learn it in order to represent their country in a better way at international forums.


English languages always remain lucky in a way that it managed to prevail in the top ruling country of the world.After the fall of England as greatest power,USA got top position in the ranking of top most countries of the world.Hegemony of the USA played major role in the spread of english language.

In a nutshell,English language is one of the most flexible languages of the world.it spread with the expansion of England and managed to be at the top.Then came global age and English language became its official language because of the role played by English men to morph this world into global village.According to my own view,there is nothing wrong to learn foreign languages.As,this habit keeps us link with foreigners and makes us aware about major events of our world.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

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