Iran 1979: legacy of revolution

Khoumani returned after 14 years of exail when revolution was officially announced,and accepted in the countrty.This revolution took so long to be taken place but its long term effects are still in the mind of citizens of middle not only transformed whole middle east but also eliminated American influence in the region.Immediately after revolution,USA embassy was attacked by iranians and around 36 Americans were held hostaged.Many Iranians were of the view that shan Reza Pahlwi is American representative thts why they want independence from the foreign influence.And it will not be wrong to say that America could never establish her influence again in this region after the removal of shah Reza Pahalwi.In Iran,this crisis is still remembered as a huge triumph for the nation.Amid of all this chaos,Saddam Hussain decided to invade iran.And had to encounter alot of unexpected resistence that made iraq pull out troops from iranian soul.Realtionship between iran and usa could never stand on stable footing.Bush administration decleared it their enemy number one.president Bush called iran “AXIS OF EVIL”.But,Obama administratiin took a different policy and it resulted into “IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL.” Relationship between both countries was expected to run on right trajectory, But then president Trump came into power.Trump showed clear tilt toward israel and Saudi arabia.During Arab summit,Trump did not feel reluctant to accuse iran of spreading terrorism in the region.Trump is almost ready to give an end to iran nuclear deal.Though,IAEA is of the view that Iran is following all instructions of the deal earnestly, but there are a number of factors that are making Trump end this deal.One of these factors is saudi’s enmity with iran.As if iran run on the road of prosperity then it can disturb the element of balance of power in the middle east.And saudia does not want this deal without saudi presence on the table.And another important thing is that saudia has become one the largest American arms buyers,and a number of deals have been finalized between,both,saudia and America.Though,it has been long time since this revolution happened but its effects are still alive.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

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