Women empowerment

Women are considered  an integral part of the a society.Heinous crimes perpetrated again women ranges from honour killing,acid throwing,burning,wanni,wata sata,rape,and forced marriages.women are treated brutally and their work is never recognized.In many areas of the world,women are forced to stay at home.people treat them as a slave,and  think of them as an incompitent creature.But we must not forget that no nation can ever rise to the height of glory until your women are side by sider with you.The only solution of all the problems is women empowerment.Those you stifle the potential of women indeed deprives themselves of the contribution of half of its citizens.Women empowermen makes women think independently and they use all their potential to bring prosperity at all the levels.It ensures a stable society and as a result sanity prevails.By considering all these factors it can be said that women empowerment is immensly imperation to the progress of a society.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

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