Israel palestine issue

The world in which we live, is too beautiful to be spoiled.many parts of our beautiful planet are burning but we cannot listen there voice.amid of all this chaos, there is a place, in middle east, which is called palestine israel.this issue is too long to be submarised in a few words, but, i could not resist myself,to write about it.This place is in chaos, since 1919. I am not againt either country but what i wanna say is please end this conflict.why both countries are reluctant to come up at an acceptable solution.both of these are not ready to move a single step back from their demand.but time has 1948,when this conflict was started, palestine got independence from british,and then israel came,no matter what was the reason,and it resulted into conflict.then, U.N Showed involvement  to solve this issue and suggested two state solution;which was not acceptable for palestine;because they were of the view that it is our state; how we could divide it.But, israel also came up with a lot of justificatins to make these settlement legal.two states solution proved a sign of relief for israel and she didnt take a minute to accept it.what came out of it, was decleration of inddependence by israel,which was rejected by many muslim states but accepted by many western states.this event increased sentiments of Muslims world and they came to help palestinians.this lead towads war;and resultantly, israel got control over many areas of palestine and included those into,it became a never ending phenomena,people are being killed and esclation is increasing with every passing day..israel has got control over 90 percent of territory;and is stronger than palestine.palestine has fallen into hands of fighters who actually give them a false hope of independence and palestinians,see ii as lucrative and support them.


1. Governments of both israel and palestine will have to make their mind clear that either they wanna solve this issue or not

2after this, they will have to decided what actually they want.

3.both should  gain confidence of the people and should make them convince to agree for peace talks

4.there are many people in israel government who dont want peaceful solution;there are some people who want but are reluctant to take steps; and some actually want to solve it.and same is in case of palestine.

5.israel should halt settlement

6.israel should make more indusrial zones for palestinians.

7.israel should give basic facilities to people of palestine to gain their confidence

8.palestinian government should gain confidence of there people to make them stop supporting fighters groups.

9.after,UnGA session it became clear that israel is very much reluctant to accept two states solution.according to an eminent american newspaper;when NetanYahu was asked to give his view about this issue then,he said;we want peaceful settlements;but he was reluctant to use the word of “two states solution.”

10.Both,will have to talk about it;if they wanna solve this issue.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

4 thoughts on “Israel palestine issue”

  1. I think the common people of both countries are being manipulated by their political leadership. They fuel hatred toward the other side to solidify their own political positions, which feeds the war machine. There are always people who get rich from wars, and many times they are the same people who start and perpetuate them.
    We have the same problem in America. The common people suffer and die in war, while the wealthy and connected prosper.

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