Palpable sins

He endured years of contempt and obloquy and now he is so much petrified that he cannot make him  face the world.His ostracism is palpable and his life is full of penury.those who get him into it must be penitent.

Why is it easy for us to tease others but difficult to make others happy


Let them speak

It must be admited that levity suits to those who are usually loquacious .but sometimes their face becomes so lugubrious that they cant utter even a single word.they dnt like to think of themselved as a vivacious person.if seems as if there words were trapped in a menacle and have been minces.need is to spread happines and dissipated the menace of criticism.let them say what they wana say


The concept of luck is very much horrendus and can compete with any thing but not with his luck.this is very much callous and dnt give a damn to the struggle and hard work of put your heart and soul to be at your dream place but luck is too callous to be trusted.this can take a person from earth to sky and even from sky to earth within no time.


There is no short cut to success.people who wants to be successful manange time owing to their busy routine.they work for the refurbishment of their skill and fumble their abilities and polish their skills.

Industrial revolution in britain

when we look at the reason which lead britain toward major developments espacially industrial revolution then one major question arises in our mind that why only in britain becuase many other countries were also economically rich then why industrial revolution came in europe (britain)why not in any other country.reasons behind this are following

2.freedom of speech(that was not in most of other countries)

3.freedom of expression

4.tolerance for all type of religious views


5.they decrease power of pops and increase power of parliment.

Collapse of roman empire

Roman empire was one of the strongest and larg empire in remained stable for many years and ruled with full power.Fall of the roman empires was because of many reason-economic and political issues and division of roman empire into east and west part.and one important reason was that king ferdinend was not in favour of charistianity and many people became against him.europe had been indulged in many years war and finally roman empire ended with treaty of westphalia.

Treaty of westphalia was signed in gave following edge to the emerging countries


2.freedom of speech

3.establishment of sovereign government and political system

4.downfall of feudal system

5.stable state-nation system