Changing world order and new problems:an overview

Our world has gone through different stages.As realists believe,Human nature is power seeking,so,it could be analyzed in the perspectives of changing dynamics of world order.offensive realism has become a glaring phenomenon in the foreign policies of major power-such as china and U.S.A.

At the end of WWII,world entered into a system bipolarity,that remained dominented till the end of cold war.After the demise of ussR,America emerged as sole super,with the emergence of china,economic globalization and rejuvination of Russia,world has entered into the system of multipolarity.

This system of multipolarity,seems better,as it maintains a balance in the world system.But,many glaring issues have started arising new problems that are needed to be solved.A wide gap,between new arising issues-such as populism,anti globalization issues,nuclear prolification issues,chaoes in middle east,rogue states,refugees crisis-and steps to solve these issues have created a dilemma for the new world order.

What could be done?

Sino-anerica bilateral stategic measures have alot to do in this regard;as,both are biggest economies.They should set their difference at the side,and will have to draw proper policies in order to take the world at a stable position.only,earnest efforts of big powers could make this world a better place.


Make america great again                    vs                               making china great again

Many analysts have been writting about china’s global aspiration as u.s.a turns inward.But we need to know how is it really happening.

President trump vows to make america great again.but,instead of making it great,Mr.president is on a way to make it inward and isolated.Though isolation was one of the objectives of “Monro Doctrine”.And, has been followed till the end of first world war,but Mr.president will have to realize that at the time of isolation,America was not super power.President wilson managed to pull it out of isolation and resultantly America started traveling towards the destination of power.American increased involvement in world affairs and started to make sure his stay at the chair of most powerful nation-state.During cold war,american policies were followed by “truman doctrine” and “Marshal Plan”, latter one was based on the policy to provide aid to the war ravaged countries.According to an eminent writer,”if america had not started Marshal plan,European countries could have stand on there feet sooner”.One of the impacts of Marshal plan was that it increased dependance of European countries on America and resultantly America became most dominated country.American politcies during cold war era were based on making alliances.American policies were so strong that finally Gorbachev had to start new policies-such as “perestriokal” and “Glassnost”.policies of Reagon,bush senior,clinton,bush and obama were not based on Isolation.Now Question arises,what makes Donald Trump follow a policy based on isolation?will it work at the time when our world has become a global village?or is it just to pursue power goals of president trump? Many controversies have been linked to this discussion, but, latter one makes more sense.

On the other hand,china is on the way to replace America at the stage of most powerful country.

How china is doing it?

1.china has started showing involvement in afghanistan

2.Belt and road initiative 

3.china has shunned blithely the ruling of international court over the issue of south china sea and its islands

4.china has decided not to compromise over disputed island of south china sea-paracel,spratly,scarboroshole

5.America cannot resolve north korean issue without willingness and help of china

6.despite,having imposed sanction on north korea by U.N.O,china still doing trade with N.Korea because it is in the interests of china.

7.china has started increasing defense capabilities.

In a nutshell,America seems to move backward and china ia ready to move forward.

The social impacts of terrorism

Terrorism is not only a curse,but also a menace which is needed to be dissipated completely.

Terrorism has paralyzed our life 

in a way that not only affected us psychologically but also socially and emotionally.terrorism not only creates a fear in our mind but also makes us stay at home untill we feel secure enough to go of the many ravages of terrorism is poverty that has increased unemployment, and has dearth the progress of our country.terrorism has increased the element of intolerance in our country.intolerance not only increases domestic violence but also makes us think negatively about every aspect of our life.terrorism has increased the rate of illiteracy in our society.Many people feel reluctant to send their childern to school since terrorists have adopted a strategy to attack on schools.youth is considered one of the major pillors of a society,but terrorism has made them bound,reluctant and insecure.terrorism has badly affected tourism that was once a major source of revenue collection and a sign of peace and stability.Tourists feel reluctant to visit a country that is under attack of,it badly affects the image of a country and make citizens feel insecure.

If you learn from defeat,you haven’t really loss.

Man is a rational being.what really separates a man from an animal is his ability of thinking and analyzing things critically.A successful man is one who not only makes a goal in his life,but also tries to achieve it.if a person could not achieve his goal even after alot of sincere struggle,then,instead of regretting over it,he tries to analyze it critically.A man with high ambition keeps one thing in his mind,that,a defeat is not a defeat if you learn from it.success is for those who not only work hard for it,but also learn from failures.As,we have examples of many great leaders,who came up with an ambition to achieve high valued goals,they were teases,they were mocked,but they never stoped struggling even after facing many failures and defeats.History is full of examples of those people who stumbled upon many defeats but they made their defeats a strategy to morph their failure into success.Nelson mandela,a man of high stature,had to come across many defeats but he took it as a way to sail through his task.Man has been given intellectual abilities;so, the need of the time is to analyze the reasons of any particular defeat and to plan a strategy to make your defeat into success.

Failures of liberalism

West have always been strong supporter of liberalism and democrcy.many efforts have been made by western countries to promote liberalism;But,what is making them moving away from seems as if realism is getting triumph over liberalism..

What are current threats to liberalism?

1.nationalist policies of donald trump

2.annexation of crimea by Russia

3.catolinia referrendum seems difficult to be accepted by the government and court of spain-where is freedom of speech?

4.wave of populism by MR. Trump,presedent Eurdogan have become a real threat.

5.kurdish crisis has become a never ending issue.

6.isnt it true that Brexit shows failure of liberal institutionalism.? there really even a single country that is getting full rights of freedom of speech and freedom of expression?

8.what i analyzed is expansin of china is not promoting liberalism,but,it is clear menifestation of offensive realism.

9.Trump new south asia policy is clear menifestation of offensive realism.

10.proxy wars which are being played by major countries in middle east,are clear menifestation of their national interesest.

11.u.N.o have failed to bring peace in the world

It will not be wrong to say that our world is moving away from peace.intenational system will have to think of it as a serious issue,otherwise it can be resulted into devastating effects.lets just get it over with.

Let the sanity prevail.

Hope must be a never ending phenomenon

Where ever you are,whatever you are doing,whatever you are and whatever you wanna be,there is only one thing which matters,and that is “hope”.

Hope not only keeps us motivating but also gives a reason to live better life.we stumble upon alot of things and people during our daily commuting.some look miserable and some inspire us to make our life better.we have a alot of wishes but not every wish is achieveable;dire need is to realize what is your ultimate and foremost goal.once you realize it,just think,what you could do to achieve it.keep one thing very much clear in your mind,output cannot be expected without giving input.stick to your goal;try to make it achieveable.if you want to achieve your goal,then,you will have to do alot of struggle and hard work;you will have to sacrifice a lot of things-even,might be,your frnds or hobbies.

If you are struggle for a goal,that needs alot of time to be done, then, you will get a alot of flak,you must be strong enough to take flak,if you wanna keep yourself motivated.dnt give a damn to condescending attitude of others.

BUT, you will have to keep moving and at that time only one thing will help you to sail through this stage  and that is “HOPE”.