Can you show them your heart

Can you see the heart of anyone person?can there really be a way to show how you feel when you are rejected without any takes one minute to say NO but it takes years to pull yourself out the concequences of this “no”

Can there really be a way to make your heart accept it.isnt is so hard thing to be could be analyzes,what makes other people dislike you.

Souldnt there be a way to sort out it through discussion.isnt it worth getting to gives a chance to those who are waiting to get it.

Couldnt there really be a way to sort out it?


21th century:an era of new cold war

America emerged as super power at the end of cold war.After this,world entered into era of unipolarity-having only one centre of power.


Since the end of cold war our world have been passing through differnt phases of conflicts and cooperation.Being hegemonic power,U.S.A ruled the world according to own will,and never feel reluctant to take any step in order to secure own national interests.As,we have example of iraq war in which u.s.a invaded without getting permission from U.N.

Failure of usa “PIVOT TO ASIA POLICY” and “FAILURE TO OVERTHROW THE REGIME OF BASHAR AL ASAAD IN SYRIA” opened ways for the Russia to create her sphere of influence.

RUSSIA has strengthened ties with EGYPT.

If middle eastern countries show tilt towards RUSSIA then EUROPEAN COUNTRIES will have to lift sanctions on Russia.

U.S.A-RUSSIA tussle.

U.s.a plus u.N have imposed sanctions on Russia when it annexed crimeae.

NATO has started military buildup near eastern boarder of Ukrain.

It is imperative to note tha TO create SPHERE OF INFLUENCR over MEDITERRANIAN AND BALTICS REGION,is and old desire of Russia that is still present in their policies.

THE BALTIC REGION has become a major flashpoint between U.S.A AND RUSSIA, on account of their massive military buildups in the region.

NATO ROCKETS has been placed in CHEZ republuc and poland.such military presence of NATO in baltic states could further instigate Russia to increase military presence in the region.



If anyone ask you to give reasons of your feelings,will you be good enough to describe it in words?can there really be worth-writing words to describe what is roaming in your mind?

My dear friend,how feeling could be described?if someone really try to describe it,then,believe me,he will never be matter,how long it take you to collect words,no matter,how long you take to finally articulate it.

Remember,before confessing,just take a minute to think,are you really good enough to get what you want?are you really upto the level of next person?are you really good enough to take a very small place in the heart of a person who is,might be,a whole world for you.

How someone can be in love with the face of any other is not like that.the essence of love is beyond is an attraction that makes you think about other person.

Please tell me how could i make you feeling WHAT I FEEL FOR YOU


Atleat say something.

Russia’s new great game

Russia is playing a new great game not only in south asia, but, also in east asia.The emerging new great game in likely to emerge new security partnership and alliances..No country has a permanent friend or enemy when it comes to the condition of security and national interests.


Russian relations with afghanistan have always been on an unstable trajectory.A number of interests have played role in contouring Russian relations with of the major interests of Russia in afghanistan is to get access to warm water.Both countries have fought a long war in 20th century.

Russia is emerging as a great power.Russia has decided to redefine her relationship with Afghan taliban.Russia has already connected herself with afghanistan through railways and road.Russia is planning to get access toward “PERSIAN GULF” through “CHAHBAHAR”.But,the complition of chahbahar depends on the stability in the afghanistan.Russia has decided to establish stable relationship with taliban in order to get her purpose done.


Russia is very much aware of the fact that if America manage to create her influence in central asia, that is a resource rich country,then it will badly affect russian economy.Russia wants central Asain states to be dependent on her.Thats why Rusia is against the PROJECT OF TAPI.

Afghanistan and central asian states are resource rich countries;so,these resourses will be control by the country who will have influence in this region.


Russia has established amicable relationship with pakistan.As,it is imperative for Russia because of pakustan’s geostrategic location.

Russia wants pakistan not to become the part of TAPI.Russia has offered pakistan to help her in completion of IP and to provide cheap gas during winter.Other than this Russia has asked China to provide JF 16 in order to streangthen defense ties.

Russian and pakistan defense ties are increasing.

Russia-china nexus involves many common intereests and both country have many mutual agreement.But,to counter china’s influence and to create an equilibrium Russia has decided to merge Eurasion economic union with CPEC.


Russia-iran nexus has made u.s.a increase military presence in afghanistan.

Indo-u.s.a nexus is on the verge to balance the power of china and Russia

U.S.A has decided to make her relations stable with pakistan,even after rhetorics of president trump.

President Trump is expected to visit china by next month and he is likely to attend ASEAN summit.

Offensive realism in 21th century

World is changing rapidly with growing geopolitical and geostrategical concerns of the countries.A number of theories have been given to explain system of the the eminent theories is defensive realism.this theory is on the view that international system is “Anarchic”,so,states should increase their power to make themselves more secure and powerful.

Some of the important elements of this theory have been jotted down below;

1.compitition for maximum power

Structure of international system is composed of,both,smaller and great powers.though u.N has some sort of influence over countries but it has failed to stop major powers from invading smaller powers.such as invasion of Russia in georgia and intervention of America in vietnam.Major power are increasing their powers to create their hegemony even at the stake of interest’s of smaller powers.even though,such a race to increase security dilemma;still,major power are on the way to create their hegemony. syatem is anarchic

Offensive realist,are of the view that international system is it is imperative for the countries to make them more powerful in order to prevent external involvement in their natiinal affairs,and to create hegemony over others.

let us take the example of middle east.Dinald trump has decided to increase american involvement in order to pursue power seeking has played a major role in the contour of american policy.

3.uncertainty of states action.

Realists,are of the view that actions of states cannot be determined.every new presedent comes up with new,in order to avoid any risk of uncertainties,countries should be capable enough to survive in any kind of anarchic system.

4.Capabilities of states.

State must be capable enough-in terms of military,economic,geographical position,resources-to pursue her power seeking goals.China is not only increasing her military capabilites but also economic capabilities to make herself secure.

Palestine-israel:recent developments.

The issue of israel and palestine is not a new one.Starting from “BELFORD DECELERATION”,it has been gone through different stages,in order to bring peace and stability in the region.There have been alot of efforts to start the process of reconciliation between israel and palestine;but,issues still remains unresolved.

Now,many things have been changed.if we look at the map of israel-palestine,then, we wil analyze,how much the position if israel and palestine have been changed.

Considering the current geographical position of both states,IS THERE REALLY ANY POSIBILITY OF TWO STATE SOLUTION? I Doubt over it.

If palestinians really want to bring peace and stability,then, they will have to unite.there are many pulpable divergence between HAMAS and FATAH.they are too indulge in there squabbles to bring peace in the region.if they really want independent state then,they will have to think of some mutually acceptable paradigms that can lead them towards achieving their goal.

A recent effort by the Egypt to bring both parties,HAMAS and FATAH,on the table remained successful.there is a dire need to draw adequate measures in order to bring stability in the region.Both groups,will have to accept that present geographical position of israel and palestine has been changed.around,80% area is under control of israel.palestinian should not relinquish the fact that they are dependent on israel for import.

On the other hand,israel should not denounce the fact that,this issue cannot be solved without bringing palestinians on the talks table.

israel should try to make palestinians economically stable rather than using force to convice them to accept demands of the former.

israel should develop economic and industrial zones for palestinians.

If israel will work to bring agriucultural advancement in the region,it can lower down the grudges of palestian people who are fed of this never ending fight.

Israeli natural gas should be deluvered to palestinians-Gaza,west bank.

Military solution or deterence is not a permanent solution;both will have to solve this issue diplomatically,in order to bring peace in the region.

BRICS:stronger partnershiop for brighter future

BRICS held its 9th summit this year, in china.though,it is an intergovernmental organization,formed on the principles of mutual trust and mutual agreement;but,has been encountring many issues since it formed.Basic objectives of this organization are based on the concepts of mutual trust,mutual trade agreements and cooperation,technological developments,climate change, to replace the u.S.A in leading world economy,western domination to the world affairs and counterweight to G7.
Why Brics is encountring so many issues.

1.disputes between china and india over the issue of boarder-such as dokhlam

2.brazile is going through economic issue

3.south africa is not much stable economically.

What was discussed in 9th summit.

1.accused pakistan(indirectly) of proving shelters to terrorist;discussed about ladhkir e taiba,jaish e Muhammadi and haqqani network.

2.discussed about north korea

3.india call for the creation of creding rationg agencies.

4.issues related to climate change investments

6.related to unfrustructural development


If,BRIcs countries want to make their vision successful,then,they will have to set their differences at the side.Regional organization cannot be resulted into lucrative outcomes,untill,there is trust and mutual cooperation.