Reasons behind islamophobia in the U.S.A

It is not wrong to say that every religion preaches peace and patience.No religion is based on violence and extremism.In the same manner,Islam is a religion of not only emphasizes on the peaceful coexistence but also on has been estimated that around 1.8 billion people are believers of islam.History is full of great men who were Muslims and they did alot of work in order to prevail peace and prosperity in the world.Let us take example of Last prophet of islam.His teachings are besed on peace and tolerance.Muslims have been living with other people who belong to anyother religion but nothing wrong ever happened among them.It will be wrong to say that all cruel leaders of history were Muslims.How can were forget that Hitler was not a Muslim.Why we are reluctant to utter even a single world against Jews who have occupied land of a nation that was living happily.It is a worth remenbering thing that Jews based their stance on religious ground.But still they are being considered peaceful.there is no doubt to say that islamophobia is based on irrational justifications.It is just an exaggeration without any solid argument.In Every society,in every Religion, there are good as well as bad people.Here is the time to think why islam is being targeted.what makes other people think so negatively about it reality?or merely a way to get political purposes done?

I have jotted down a few aspect to understand this mystery:

1.A natural response to what happened after 9/11
Before 9/11,Islamophobia was just a concept.But 9/11 not only changed American but also the fate of Muslims who were living there.Muslims were teased,mocked and were labelled as terrorist,even, by their closed friends.Despited having lived there since ages,Muslims were forced to leave jobs,homes and sometimes their own country.Americans were not willing to know the reality.And this is true that Many Americans do not even know about teachings of Islam but this even played major role to overgeneralized islamophobia.All the Muslims were labelled as terrorist just because the act of a few people who claimed themselves Muslim.

2.In March 2004,A video was released.this video was of an american businessman who was captured by al qaida.

After 9/11 an other event took placed.this event  further deteriorated the condition. This man was brutally mardered by a few people of al qaida.This video made Americans believe that Muslims are against us.Again an act of few people who claimed themselves Muslims was exaggerated.A number of striked were started against Muslims in America.they started believing as if every Muslim is a teerrorist.How can they ignore the fact that might be there immidiate neighbour is also a Muslim who never indulge himself in any unlaw and unethical activity and with whome thay are living peacefully.

3.A ray of terrorist attacks were climed by the people who claimed to be Muslim.

This situation was further worsened by the series of attacks that were claimed by any Muslim person.But what is needed to be known is that were they all really Muslim or just using the name of any particular religion.This is not wrong that we are too quick to give our judgments.these organizations are making us fearful because we feel fear from them without knowing who actually they are and what they are upto.

4.Role of the Media:

It is believed that media played major role in the spread of islamophobia.Our world is full of those people who have developed islamophobia in their mind but they no nothing about islam.And might be they never get a chance to meet with any Muslims in their whole life.So,media is their instructor to teach them about such things.There is not iota of doubt that media never feel reluctant to exaggerate things in order to increase their viewers.Media always plays major role to spread propagands.Media is a medium to do the brainwash of those people who are ignorant about any particular aspect and depends on the media to know the reality.Now the time is to realize either media always spread truth or something play role to spread prapagands.?think and analyze it.

5.Role of NGos that collect funds from people after making them convince that they are working against Muslims who are all terrorist.

A number of NGos and groups such as “ACT FOR AMERICA” that are too quick to declear hate thing against islam.such type of groups must work for the spread of true teachings rather than hates.


She is currently working as head of American freedom defence unitiative that has been designated as anti-Muslism hate group.

Role of politicians:

A politician is not a politician until he takes advantages of the sentiments of the common men.politician in America didnt waste any single chance to take advantage of this situation.Might be president Bush could never have justified his decision to invade iraq if there was no islamoohobia.People of the America were weary of the wars especially after vietnam war.American politicians always need to convince their people before starting major things such as wars.though it was announced that they are invading iraq because saddam hussian has developed weapons of mass distructions but islamophobia played major role.

Now,Donald j trump took full advantage of islamophobia and issues of white supramists to be the president of America.

Jihad vs terrorism

Islam is a religion that promotes jihad but this concept is completely different from terrorism.some people have started using the word jihad in order to make their actions join with a religion.we are human being we cannot know about every thing especially if it is related to some other religion that is different from our beliefs.we do not bother to read about true essence of the espects and start believing what other are saying no matter it is true or false.The concept of jihad that is promoted by islam is completely different from terrorism.

In a nurshell,islam is a religion of peace.And Muslims are not terrorists.And those who are terrorist are not Muslims.


Iran 1979: legacy of revolution

Khoumani returned after 14 years of exail when revolution was officially announced,and accepted in the countrty.This revolution took so long to be taken place but its long term effects are still in the mind of citizens of middle not only transformed whole middle east but also eliminated American influence in the region.Immediately after revolution,USA embassy was attacked by iranians and around 36 Americans were held hostaged.Many Iranians were of the view that shan Reza Pahlwi is American representative thts why they want independence from the foreign influence.And it will not be wrong to say that America could never establish her influence again in this region after the removal of shah Reza Pahalwi.In Iran,this crisis is still remembered as a huge triumph for the nation.Amid of all this chaos,Saddam Hussain decided to invade iran.And had to encounter alot of unexpected resistence that made iraq pull out troops from iranian soul.Realtionship between iran and usa could never stand on stable footing.Bush administration decleared it their enemy number one.president Bush called iran “AXIS OF EVIL”.But,Obama administratiin took a different policy and it resulted into “IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL.” Relationship between both countries was expected to run on right trajectory, But then president Trump came into power.Trump showed clear tilt toward israel and Saudi arabia.During Arab summit,Trump did not feel reluctant to accuse iran of spreading terrorism in the region.Trump is almost ready to give an end to iran nuclear deal.Though,IAEA is of the view that Iran is following all instructions of the deal earnestly, but there are a number of factors that are making Trump end this deal.One of these factors is saudi’s enmity with iran.As if iran run on the road of prosperity then it can disturb the element of balance of power in the middle east.And saudia does not want this deal without saudi presence on the table.And another important thing is that saudia has become one the largest American arms buyers,and a number of deals have been finalized between,both,saudia and America.Though,it has been long time since this revolution happened but its effects are still alive.

Hegemony of english language:Myths and realities

It is believed that around 7000 languages are being spoken in the world.Everyone loves to speak native language.There are a number of countries where more than 100 languages are prevailing at the same time.Language is considered as one of the major components of the nationalism and national is a symbol of identity.Many people are in favour of learning, just, one or two languages, but many are willing to learn as much as they has been proven by the research that human mind has ability to learn different languages at the same not only sharpens our mind but could broaden our stamina and will not be wrong to say that english language has managed to be at the top.There are many myths and realities behind this position of english language.Now question arises what makes english language a global language?why it is being considered as a sign of prestige and honour?it is not a hidden reality that now in this globalized world no one can be on the trajectory of success if he/she cannot speak english.All the eminent magzines,no matter in which country they are being published,have adopted english languages as their official language.All the speeches at international level are required to be delievered in our world has become a globalized world and official language of this world is english without any iota of doubt.In a nutshell,English has become a global language.


1.colonial rule of britin:

During colonial period English was recongnized as official language in all the colonies of England.Eveyone was required to learn it in order to get government job.All the documents were written in english is not a secret that during colonial era english language was considered as level of merit rather than all other achievements.this requirment made colonial citizens shove their languages and adopt english.As,this was only way to be at a prestigious position.

2.Economic developments of England and spread of English language.

England is one of those countries that played major role in bringing economic developments in the world.industrial revolution played major role to make this world into a globalized planet.A journey of thousand miles starts with one step,and this one step was surely industrial revolution that played major role in bringing prosperity and economic stability.English language spread with every train running on the railway trackes of spread with every man who went in some other country to make trade deales.

3.spread of computes made people learn english to pace with flow of technology

After the invention of compute,a long ray of invention was started.Computes required people to learn english in order to understand its basic functioning and operation is an acceptable fact that history repeats itself.And,computes played major role to revive hegemony of english languages.

3.our world is now a global village and its offical language is English:

English language is being used in following manner

1.every pilot is required to learn it. has become official language of space technology

3.All the eminent magzines are required to be published in English.

4.It is one of the official languages of U.N.O

5.All international trade deals are required to be done in English language. is imperative to get foreign scholarships. is comparatively easy to learn can be understood in every country.

9.All the political leaders and civil servants are required to learn it in order to represent their country in a better way at international forums.


English languages always remain lucky in a way that it managed to prevail in the top ruling country of the world.After the fall of England as greatest power,USA got top position in the ranking of top most countries of the world.Hegemony of the USA played major role in the spread of english language.

In a nutshell,English language is one of the most flexible languages of the spread with the expansion of England and managed to be at the top.Then came global age and English language became its official language because of the role played by English men to morph this world into global village.According to my own view,there is nothing wrong to learn foreign languages.As,this habit keeps us link with foreigners and makes us aware about major events of our world.

Feminism is really a third world issue.

Feminism is one of major issues of third world could not only erode social,economic and political disparities but also can ensure prosperity by giving equal participation to all the gender at same level.

How feminism is really a third world issue is imperative to stop honour killing can ensure equal employment opportunities can lower the intensity of sexual harrasment in third world countries. could prevent killing of baby girls will ensure equal educational opportunities. ensures equal health facility is important to stop early marriages of girls.

Feminism is imperative to bring our society at the level of prosperity.

Can you show them your heart

Can you see the heart of anyone person?can there really be a way to show how you feel when you are rejected without any takes one minute to say NO but it takes years to pull yourself out the concequences of this “no”

Can there really be a way to make your heart accept it.isnt is so hard thing to be could be analyzes,what makes other people dislike you.

Souldnt there be a way to sort out it through discussion.isnt it worth getting to gives a chance to those who are waiting to get it.

Couldnt there really be a way to sort out it?

21th century:an era of new cold war

America emerged as super power at the end of cold war.After this,world entered into era of unipolarity-having only one centre of power.


Since the end of cold war our world have been passing through differnt phases of conflicts and cooperation.Being hegemonic power,U.S.A ruled the world according to own will,and never feel reluctant to take any step in order to secure own national interests.As,we have example of iraq war in which u.s.a invaded without getting permission from U.N.

Failure of usa “PIVOT TO ASIA POLICY” and “FAILURE TO OVERTHROW THE REGIME OF BASHAR AL ASAAD IN SYRIA” opened ways for the Russia to create her sphere of influence.

RUSSIA has strengthened ties with EGYPT.

If middle eastern countries show tilt towards RUSSIA then EUROPEAN COUNTRIES will have to lift sanctions on Russia.

U.S.A-RUSSIA tussle.

U.s.a plus u.N have imposed sanctions on Russia when it annexed crimeae.

NATO has started military buildup near eastern boarder of Ukrain.

It is imperative to note tha TO create SPHERE OF INFLUENCR over MEDITERRANIAN AND BALTICS REGION,is and old desire of Russia that is still present in their policies.

THE BALTIC REGION has become a major flashpoint between U.S.A AND RUSSIA, on account of their massive military buildups in the region.

NATO ROCKETS has been placed in CHEZ republuc and poland.such military presence of NATO in baltic states could further instigate Russia to increase military presence in the region.



If anyone ask you to give reasons of your feelings,will you be good enough to describe it in words?can there really be worth-writing words to describe what is roaming in your mind?

My dear friend,how feeling could be described?if someone really try to describe it,then,believe me,he will never be matter,how long it take you to collect words,no matter,how long you take to finally articulate it.

Remember,before confessing,just take a minute to think,are you really good enough to get what you want?are you really upto the level of next person?are you really good enough to take a very small place in the heart of a person who is,might be,a whole world for you.

How someone can be in love with the face of any other is not like that.the essence of love is beyond is an attraction that makes you think about other person.

Please tell me how could i make you feeling WHAT I FEEL FOR YOU


Atleat say something.