beauty and life

Why everyone likes beautiful face but not a beautiful heart..everyone likes beauty no one gives value to those who dnt have beautiful face.why this world is so mean and cruel.what is the fault of the people who dnt have beautiful face to entertain others.even God likes beauty and God Loves beautiful things Why He created this differentiation among His people.if he love beauty then why he created things which are not 

Life is full of surprises

sometimes we cannot elucidate the reason of many things.the world which we dwell in is full of surprises and a point of our life we become enamoured of an other person and many times it leads towards ignominy, flagrant, inexorable and unkind corollary.but we do not show defection and still become debonaire, docile and kind because by doing this we feel ebullient matter what we get and what other people think about us.we think whatever we want to think and we do whatever we want to do.


Tolerance means to accept different nature of people because of their diverse background.the world which we dwell in is very one has has right to impose his/her ideas on others.what we need to do is bettermnet of our own would be sheer folly to spend significant proportion of our time on trivial delibrately infringe on people’s rights means we do not have any respect for humanity.

Just try to accept others in a way thay are.try to give value to the ideas of other people.

World is a diverse thing and people cant b same.