Clash of civilization and proxy wars

Hunting gave a theory that after cold war clash among countries with be on cultural lines. There are around seven major civilizations in the world. These seven are Muslim, Hindu, western, japanese, chinese,African and orthodox. Huntington further said that these civilization conflicts can be both at micro and macro level. Micro level conflict means conflict between communities and macro level conflict means conflict between countries of differnt civilizations. Many scholars do agree with there views of Hungting. However many disagree with him. To accept his theory, israel-palestine conflict is one of the best examples. Had this conflict  happened between two countries of same civilization, this issue would have solved in a better way. But, owing to the fact that these two nations are from different civilizaions, this conflict has become a never ending phenomenon. Moreover the conflict between west and Islam can be seen in term of America-iran conflict.

Moreover, many people who do not agree with Hungting come up with the view that saudia Iran tussle is one the major conflicts of the world but this conflict is not between two different civilizaion. Personaly i do agree with this mentioned point of view. 

Though Huntington gave an opinion based theory, it needs more clarity and evidence based justifications.


Real development should transform people’s lives not just economic statistics

it is often believed that a country needs to improve economy and economic statistics to bring real development to the country.There is no denying the fact that a strong economy plays major role in taking the country to the height of glory.But, real development cannot be attained only by tranforming economic statistics. It must be realized that real development lies in transforming the lives of people. So, transformation is needed to be made in not only economic but also social and political spheres of life. Nowadys, many countries are trying to tranform the lives of people just improving economic statistics by pursuring the desire to become world’s larget economy. However, the real developmen cannot be achieved until people are getting equal rights, education, food,  shlter, employment opportunities, clean environment, equal justice and protection to practice religious practices.

Too many of us are not living our dreams, because we are living our fears.

Men are born free but are in chains everywhere. Almost every person sets certain goals to make his life comfortable. Our goals are our dreams. every person wants to live his life according to his wishes and dreams. Unfortunately, many of us are not living their dreams but fears. We are living in a globalized world. Nowadays thing are changed and conveyed within seconds. Every socoety has set certain rules for the people. These days, if a person want to have some fame, status or respect, he has to follow those rules. Now these rules have become our fears and we follow them no matter we really want to do so or not. We have indulged ourselves in these fears. We are running aftet one another without realizing and bothing about our dreams. We are so bound in these rules that we cannot live our dreams. In an asian society when a boy wants to become photographer instead of selecting anyother so called nobl profession, he encounters much criticism. Many people follow unwanted paths just to meet societal standards and in turn they start living their fears instead of their dreams.

Do not compare yourself with others.

It is often believed that some people are lucky enough to achieve their goals at a very young age. There are so many people who cannot achieve their goals until they are above 30 years old. So, it does not mean that they are not struggling to achieve their dreams.rather it means that they have high aims and dreams. When a class is graduated, so many of them manage to get job immediately after completion of their degree. Many of them cannot make it at the earliest. It is completely wrong to assume that only those people are successful who manage to get things done at the exact fix time. Always remember that every good thing happens at a certain time. The author of harry potter took several years to get her work published. She was around 32 years old when her work was published after being rejected by so many authors. The founder of Ali Baba was around 40 years old when he decided to establish his business. It is not important how early you achieve your dream rather what important is that how big you are thinking. What you have to do is hard work with passion, determination and sincerity. Do not compare yourself with others. You cannot be any other person. You are who you are. Everyone has own strength and weakness. Everyone is different from other people in so many ways. Be it environment, be it passion, be it his dreams or any other thing. Just decide what you want to get, try to find out ways to be on the right road. Do not bother much about others. if you stop doing work, nothing will happen. If you keep work, you will get alot.

Respecting vote for better democracy

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Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. It is a form of government in which power is not concentrated in the hands of only one person. People elect their representatives through their right to vote and in turn expect them to serve them honestly. Though democracy is secure in Pakistan, but the recent wave of political instability has created many misconceptions in the minds of people regarding the meaning and the purpose of the vote in democracy. A number of speeches are being delivered by many politicians to highlight the importance of vote.

It is important to realize that vote is in democracy, democracy is not in the vote.  Democracy is a broad concept. It is the philosophy of life and the vote is just a small but an important part of it. Let us take the example of a car. It is true that a car cannot run without the steering but all of its parts need to work properly in order to ensure its proper functioning.  In the same manner, democracy has a number of aspects. It is a sad fact that many political leaders say VOTE KO IZZAT DO but don’t explain the true philosophy and purpose of the vote. It is not wrong to say that vote is another name of trust. When people elect leaders by using their right to vote, they trust them hoping that these people will work to solve their problems. This trust directly gives a right to the common man to judge the performance of these leaders. A common man can raise question regarding the performance of the political leaders during their tenure.

 We need to analyse who actually disrespects the vote. A person who is elected by votes but indulges himself in corruption and inefficiencies instead of working for the well being of the people is the one who actually disrespects not only vote but also the trust of the people. It is easy to make promises but difficult to fulfill.

During election campaigns, candidates try to convince the people that they will work for the prosperity and rights of the people. Their speeches are always full of promises. As a result people trust them and elect them through their vote. When the time comes to fulfill the promises, many of them do not bother to listen to the complaints of the citizens. Amid this scenario, it is not wrong to say that such leaders do not bother to give respect to the vote and indeed disrespect it badly.

Another point to be discussed here is that many candidates do not feel reluctant to take advantage of the miserable condition of the poor. Some of these candidates give them money and in turn get votes. Such contestants prefer to buy votes rather than getting votes through their performance. It is imperative to realize that meritocracy is important for the survival of democracy in Pakistan. So it must prevail properly. Our constitution gives us the right to speak and express ourselves. So, when people find that the elected leaders are not fulfilling their promises, they can express their disagreements openly. It is a dilemma of our country that when people try to ask questions from such leaders and want to make them accountable they are termed as traitor. Such politicians must not forget that they are supposed to serve the common men. If they neglect this fact, they will definitely be held accountable.

The vote does not give the license to rule as a king or a queen. All the leaders must realise the fact that they are subordinate to the constitution and answerable to the people. The vote is itself a huge responsibility. When the politicians who are found guilty of corruption are asked about their allegations, they take it as their insult and start preaching the notion VOTE OF IZZAT DO instead of telling the truth about these allegations. People cannot decide about such factors on the streets so they take the matter to the court where decisions are made according to the law and constitution. So if a political leader fails to proof his innocence in the court, it is wrong to blame the courts and instigate the people to speak openly against the judges.

Accountability is the beauty of democracy. It plays an integral role not only in sustaining democracy but also securing it from all evil. It is immensely imperative to the progress of Pakistan. It is important to overcome the menace of corruption so it must be across the board. Now the people of Pakistan are well aware of the fact that a strong and independent judicial system can maintain proper check and balance that further ensures better performances of the institutions. The founder of Pakistan was also a staunch supporter of democracy. All the institutions should work together to strengthen democracy as it guarantees the progress of our country. Democracy is the solution of many social, economic and political issues. Recently, the Chief Justice of Pakistan denied the rumors of judicial martial law and emphasized the importance and stability of democracy. Moreover, our army leadership seems a staunch supporter of democracy as well. Our media is also playing its responsible role to make people aware of the benefits of democracy. Now it is the responsibility of every citizen and all the higher authorities to present themselves for accountability without uttering harsh words against the judiciary. The only way to give respect to the vote is in working for the well-being and the rights of people. If any one is found guilty of any unlawful act, he disrespects the vote and the voters.

The writer is a clinical psychologist and can be contacted at

Published in Daily Times

Dark side of india-Pakistan separation.

It is said that when we divide a thing into different parts, it loses its originalty, charm and chrisma. When our motherland was divided into different parts, it was not just a division of land but also of hearts, desires and love. It was not love but hatred that was spread all over the subcontinent. Some were anxious, some were shocked. Also, it is quite difficult to say that some were happy, but it can be true in some cases. Amid all such situation, people living in mental hospitals were completely oblivious of the fact that their homeland was being divided and many relatives who used to come meeting them now might would never come again. One day when they were told that subcountinent had been divided, many of them who were to some extent able to understand things, kept writhing in pain all the day long. Some of them fumed with annoyance. Some were anxious to know whether they were in India or Pakistan. Many wanted to know what country became the fate of their howntown. As per government notification, many of them were exchanged and were forced to leave the place where they had been living for age. We must not forget the price that our forefathers had to pay just to get this so called freedom.

Water Crisis in Pakistan

Originally Published in Jahngirs world times magazine

Water is one of the basic necessities of life. No life could have been possible on the planet Earth, had there been no water. However, it is a sad reality that we do not bother to take proper measures for securing and preserving our natural resources unless crises start knocking at our door. Although water is one of the most important natural resources we have, the world is facing a grave crisis of its scarcity, owing mainly to the global warming and Pakistan is also no exception in this regard. At present, Pakistan is confronting a number of issues but perhaps the most daunting of them is the shortage of water. This problem is aggravating with each passing day. According to a recently released International Monetary Fund report, Pakistan ranks third among countries facing water shortage. One of the major reasons behind this issue is absence of proper measures to conserve water. Around 30 million acre feet (MAF) of water is wasted due to poor management. Economic cost of this water is in billion dollars. Due to this issue, the per capita availability of water in Pakistan is consistently on the decline. Pakistan possesses only a thirty-day water-storage capacity. Besides, the Pakistan Council of Research on Water Resources (PCRWR) has warned that Pakistan would reach absolute water scarcity by 2025.

There are a number of reasons behind the shortage of water in Pakistan. Before blaming the rulers and concerned authorities, we must blame ourselves for our carelessness and slackness in saving water. We don’t take proper measures while using water for household activities. That is why the gap between availability and demand of water has increased manifolds. We should turn all the taps off while we are not using water. Moreover, there is an urgent need to educate the masses on proper use of water. The role of media is imperative in this regard. TV channels should air different programmes to create awareness among the people. The need of the time is to take steps at individual level.

On a larger scale, we must construct new water reservoirs and construction of dams is also imperative to overcome the issue of water shortage. We have to realize that this acute problem cannot be overcome unless dams are constructed. Unfortunately, our government is not paying heed to this fact. Currently, there are only 150 dams of above 49-foot height in Pakistan.

Deteriorating situation of our dams is another worrisome phenomenon. Mangla Dam and Tarbela Dam became operational in 1967 and 1974 respectively, and these are now reaching dead level. But, not even a single major reservoir has been constructed since Tarbela. Now, there is a dire need to construct major reservoirs in Pakistan. In addition, the construction of small dams in different suitable areas could help us overcome the chronic issues of energy crisis and water scarcity. It is worth mentioning here that the current per capita availability of water in Pakistan has reached 1016 cubic metres and if it falls below 1000 cubic metres, Pakistan will become a water-scarce country.

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