We are here to suffer

Different religions, different beliefs and different ways of life. However, the ultimate purpose of the creation of men is make them suffer from the day one till the last. If there is reality in heaven-hell concept. The world in which we live in, is surely a hell.

O God help all those we are tired of suffering.

Heaven welcomes those who have suffered

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

15 thoughts on “We are here to suffer”

  1. We are here to grow. We are here to develop spiritual qualities. Suffering and hardship are part of the picture. Many suffer more than some others, but everyone gets some of the “goodness”. There is also, however, much that is beautiful here. Yes, Heaven welcomes those who have suffered, all the more if they have grown from their hardships.

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      1. I believe there is a spiritual life, after this one, and we, as souls, continue to grow spiritually, over several levels of non-material existence, once we pass from this physical plane. Developing spiritual qualities, here, helps us greatly at those next levels.

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      1. You can break out of your circumstances, but it takes great effort – to the extent that if you feel your society is too constraining you can leave it altogether, but all societies have demands, so it is impossible to completely escape, except if you keep on moving from place to place and never really settle in anywhere, but that can be a lonely life – so it is not ideal either, but it will certainly provide a lot of personal growth due to all the changing of places and circumstances. Complete freedom – freedom from all constraints don’t exist – and there is a reason for that, because if there were such a free place then everyone would want to go there and no one would grow any further. To grow we need to be challenged, more or less all the time. Of course a good solution for some is to take a vacation every now and again to a “paradise island” (for example) and to let their hair down for a while and enjoy some temporary almost unlimited freedom, but we all have to come back to reality afterwards because we have to pay the bills. That’s the reality of life. There are also life stages – youth, middle age, old age (and a few in-between with some transition phases too) and all these are part of our life-cycles that will prompt different forms of growth at each stage, since our interests and objectives change as we grow older. It is all about growth at the end of the day – not about achieving ultimate freedom, which does not exist. Eventually as we grow, we become free from the need to be completely free – that is when we start arriving at real freedom – being okay with the cycles and stages of life. It is of course true that all people go through some stages that are so limiting or restricting or painful that they wonder what the point is. But usually after we pass through the valleys and arrive on the mountaintops and see where we have come from and how much we have grown since we left the valley, it all makes sense – until we descend into the next valley… – and so on. Life can be hard, but I love life for that – as much as it is a struggle from time to time in remembering what that purpose is. Thanks for motivating me to write this comment.

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  2. If you grow up, you´ve to take responsibility for your life. I f you follow family demands or social rules, although you are suffering from it, it is your decision to do so, being a nidicolous bird. Maybe you are taught that you cannot live independently….it is a lie. You are not suffering from family & society but from a lack of self confidence & willingness to take action to leave your comfort zone. In Germany, we used to say, everybody creates his own hell in which he is living in. Good parents are loving unconditionally without any selfishness and fan wind under the wings of their children….so that they fly away….and return whenever they feel like it. I regard my Dad as my light house for instance….

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  3. We are Created for JOY, my Dear Annie! Suffering is part of life, as is Shadow, and We Accept suffering for the Good of Others, which Becomes Joy! Examples, Mothers (and Fathers) Accept suffering; We Suffer, willingly, for our Loved ones. …Love and Regards. 🙂

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