Is Afghanistan another vietnam for USA

Vietnam war

Though the case studies of Afghanistan war and vietnam war are different, there are so many similarities. Being super power, America aspires to maintain her hegemonic influence all over the world. It is not wrong to say that American involvement in vaitnam was due to her imperialistic ambitions. America fought a war that was not infact her own war. If we reminiscene vaitnam war, we will understand how people suffered just because of wrong policies of America. In 1950s Vietnam was under the influence of frances. At that time, insurgency was started, against the rule of france in vietnam, under the leadership of Ho chi, a resurgent of north vietnam. After this, ho chi eatablished his own government in north vietnam. He announced the establishment of his government that was recognized by china and USSR. Afterwards, u.s backed french based government in south vietnam. At this point, fight between north vietnam under the leadership of ho chi backed by china and USSR and south vietnam backed by france and America reached at its worst point. In the beginning, America backed France by providing military support but gradually she started sending troops to south vietnam. This fight was not free from violance and violation of human right. A lot of people were killed including children. American troops present on the soil of vietnam reached around 1.5 million. American remained there for 10 years and finally decided to withdraw by considering the ground realities. It was a right decision without any iota of doubt.

Afghanistan war-after 9/11

As almost everyone knows Aghanistan crisis was started after 9/11 attack. This crisis has become a never ending phenomenon. Immediately after attack on twin towers, America decided to send her troops to Afghanistan. Taliban government was toppled. American came with an ambition toeradicate the menace of terrorism and bring peace in the region. A coalition government was formed in Afghanistan. Now Afghan government backed by America and taliban not overtly backed by any country are fighting to win this war. Its been 18 years since the beginning of this war. Many American presidents during their election compaings came up with plan to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, it was never followed after becoming president. The number of American Military soldiers has reached around 100000, still no improvement is seen. America claimes that around 41 percent area is under the control of taliban whereas Taliban claimes the control of around 61 percent area of Afganistan. Afghan governemt cannot fight this war without involvement and help of USA. It is estimated that around 840 billion dollars has been spent on this war. It is a huge huge amount. Moreover, aound 2200 Americans have been killed. Being a deveoped country, America uses modern technology while taliban depends on selling of drugs and snatching weapons to fight this war.

 A comparison between vietnam and Afghanistan war:

Vietnam was not American own war but she fought it directly. At that time, America Took a right decision to withdraw from vietnam by considering the fact that this war cannot be won. While In case of Afghanistan, American government do not have any clear long term policy. Their focus is just to win the war at any cost. It seems as if America wants to live here forever. Their focus is just on fighting. It must be realized that war is never a solution when it comes to bring peace in any region. Condering the hold of taliban in Afghanistan, it will be wrong to assume that America can bring peace in the region without consent and agreement of taliban. Infact America is undermining the ground realities thts why they never come with a long term agenda to solve this issue. Condering geopolitical objectives of America, it is considered that America want to stay here to maintain her influence and check the activities of China. But it must be realized that war is not a solution.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

7 thoughts on “Is Afghanistan another vietnam for USA”

  1. The principles upon which America’s government was evolved are pure & good to the sake of humans as a whole. It is sad that greed & governments have gone hand in hand. People either forgot the beauty in the words of the Constituion of the United States of America, as well as The Bill Of Rights, the good they are if implemented, or greed & power corrupted them as found in governments around this beautiful Earth. I don’t believe all I hear from media, but I know there are faults & injustices found in every lovely land. I’m still grateful to call America home.

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  2. hi there Annieaman, your articles make for a very good read . i will add that the world situation is easy to understand if you see it as capitalism against communism battling to colonize the world. keep up the great writing .kindest regards bg 🙂😎🙂

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  3. Their campaign in Afghanistan has already failed. Afghanistan has become a part of their history of lost battles. So much money spent, lives lost for absolutely nothing. Shame.

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  4. Another case of western imperialism on a country which has a history of being invaded and which the invaders have no real idea about the people who live there I.e don’t speak the language, don’t know about customs. Iraq also a disaster, illegal and continuation of imperial power. Maintening strategic location on the crossroads of mid east/central Asia close to largest oil production region in the world. Also more leverage over Iran.

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