Lets share our experiences

Now we are living in a society that demands us certain things. Sometimes we have to do certain tasks that we may not do otherwise. We have to follow certain set stands of our society-be it related to studies, job, or personal life- to live in a so called respectable way. Amid all such restrictions and challanges, almost all of us become anxious and sometimes feel helpless. If you have faced such issues please share your experience with us, and enlighten us how you cope with that situation and challange. The very purpose of this post is to motivate others and help people who are going through such issues.

Feel free to share your experience.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

10 thoughts on “Lets share our experiences”

  1. Not a day goes by me wishing I’m back in my college again.. I miss those days.. It’s been 3 years and sometimes I phase out during days into my day dreams… When that happens its almost like I’m hallucinating and a sudden Jolt I’m back where I’m now… I’m trying to suppress this yearning for the past.. But it’s too hard

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  2. It can be difficult and the circumstances are different for each person, but one does not have to follow the dictations of elements of society… it is called “being independent”… I have chosen that path, the path least traveled and it has made all the difference… 🙂

    I have an option of two paths ahead of me,
    One pre decided by my ancestors,
    less risky and challenging,
    Other of my own,
    I decide to take the less traveled one,
    To mark on journey of my own.
    (Illahi Bedi)

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  3. I am Kunal Saini
    I faced depression but fight with it and I won the reason n my experiences during that time r as follows
    Everyone knows that depression is becoz of any reason may be it is becoz of some stress,lack of support ,study n anything else ..
    My story of overcoming the depression is as follows…
    I am now 18 years old but when I was of 7-8 years I used to ask my mom about my sister that why I m the only person having not even a single sister in our family ,I used to ask this question throughout the year but exceed the limit of asking this when the day of rakhsha bhandhan is near .
    Rakhsha Bhandan is an Indian festival on which every sister ties a red color thread on brothers hand , actually it is not only a thread but it implies the trust or love between brother n sister .
    So as I m not having my own sister I always wanted to have my own sister I know it’s not necessary that everyone having sister but still that time I was a child only .
    As those things which a child starts thinking n going so deep in that ,so such thing never leave the mind ,focus or attention of that person .it doesn’t matter that child is now a mature one.
    Similarly I also started thinking about my own sister but sometimes if we force a thing to happen anyhow it may not work as we want. When I was in 9th standard I found a girl in my class itself with whom I feel n enjoy like my sister.so we both starts calling each other as bhaiya ( means brother ) and Didi or behen( means sister) for the upcoming time every thing is going nicely .some times we fight and stops talking to each other but in any relationship it is also very important to have some argument with another person so that we can experience or feel the need and importance of the other person ,it happened many times but as we both know that it’s for just a small period of time so we started talking again but with more closeness as we already understand the need of eachother .
    I was happy as what ever I wanted to have I already got it , i.e, my sister. The we both r in the non blood relationship but still we love n care each other like a real blood relation.
    This happens for 4 years . remember the period of 4 year is not a small one it requires lot of love ,trust n anything necessary for that.
    When I was in 12 it’s very important to give board exams nicely along with my lovely sister . So I started taking care of her and also become a lot lot n lot possessive for her .
    I don’t want any other boy having bad thoughts about my sister ,frnds ,or anyother girl to come closer to my sister it doesn’t matter that boy is intelligent or not .
    But whats I wanted to happen those things r not working
    Now I started talking to my sister only to maintain distance from such guys becoz it’s the matter of my sisters respect , so as my sister only wanted to be very good her accedmic performance as she already is in previous standards she told me that she is going to only talk about studies with that guy . But I was really verymuch frustrated with these things but still I tried each and every method to keep that boy apart from my sister as I know what kind of person he is …
    But failed to do so that time n always try to convince my sister to not to talk with that boy but as I am very much frustrated I start pressuring my sister to not to talk much with that ; here frnds I know the conditions here may be u guys r not getting my story rightly now but don’t worry in the end u will understand it nicely;
    But one day my sister ask me some questions those are why u r pressuring me to do these things n who u r to do so ,
    She told me that she is having her own brother to take care of her ,n she requested me to let her live freely n enjoy her life without any restrictions .
    So here is that stage where I broke down from inside .
    I starts going in depression ,starts taking minimum food the amount of food I used to eat it becoz of my parents as they forced me a lot. I start living my life as an isolated person ,starts getting very much less grades or marks in exams my performance is spoiled completely n only few things r coming continusly in my mind that is those questions asked by my sister.
    I started thinking that am I done some thing wrong or pretend to do some thing wrong with her .
    My whole day I used to waste In those thoughts only .
    But after 8-9 months I realized if I know that time I am right n also knew it whatever I did is right and those all r only for my sister . So I decided to come out of it .n try to convince my sister will understand now
    So for that consulted a doctor n explained my problem without informing my family members n my any other frnd about that meeting with doctor.that doctor had given me a lot of his precious time n try to convince me to come with my parents n he is ready to talk about me to them
    I neglected that doctor but still as I wanted to come out of that depression I informed about this briefly taking secrets of me n my sister as secret only .
    The next day doctor appreciated me to show that much guts in such situations also to come out
    But he wrote in case sheet that I am in depression for the last 1 year n refer me to a good psychologist in good hospital.
    But I refused to go .
    I decided not to take help of anyone ,if I do so I have to expose my n my sister’s secrets n tell the whole story .
    So that day I decided to come out of it as much earlier as possible . N u all won’t believe I did that in just 7-10 days.
    N frnds I m very much lucky that I got so much loving family , doctor,my frnds and my teachers specially who helped me to overcome this problem n giving a lot of time to me and also make me positive in that situation .
    N u guys feel happy to know that my sister come to me on her on to say sorry and for those words which will make me feel so..
    Frnds inbetween I faced many problems and also many time I decided to giveup but I didn’t . As I understand that what if I quit ,is with the help of that decision will I able to do those things I wanted to do earlier ,the answer is no.
    N the only solution is to do that work on my own but for me thinking about of sucide means I failed to do whatever I wanted for my sister n forgot about that raakhi which my sister ties on my wrist to take care of her for life Time .
    Guys do whatever u wanted to do but plzz don’t quit ever ,may be every door for ur help is already closed but for u ,u r the only door which will take you to a way u wanted to be.
    Guys believe me conditions may be toughest for u but remember tough questions r given to professional only nit to loosrr but only to winners so think u r a winner and u r ready to fight for u against the world alone .
    I am Damm sure if u know u r right n there’s nothing wrong in that u r doning so just do that … U will win definitely .
    Thanks for giving ur precious time for my story , thanks a lot from heart.
    N luv u frnds

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    1. Thankyou for sharing your experience. I didny delete it. No one can see the comments until approve. Since i was busy so could not use wordpress and resulantly comment was not approved

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  4. Ok thanks
    N one more thing I am from India n u r from Pakistan both these countries r not like each other but for me it’s nothing about India and Pakistan
    So from my point of view your level of thinking is awesome I appreciate it

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