Our pleasure principle

It is mostly considered that the regulation of pleasure principle determines the purpose of human life. There are different views regarding the functionality of these principles. Men feel happines when their needs are fulfilled. However, perpetual presence of hapiness erode the level of our pleasure and enjoyment. Instead we feel pleasure in a state where both happiness and unhapiness come after one another. The latter is easy to get as it can be obtained not only by our own self but also by world and other people. Unhapiness that cames from other people is more painful. 

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

2 thoughts on “Our pleasure principle”

  1. Unhappiness that comes from within is easy to fix. All I need is to DO something about my situation. Unhappiness coming from others requires me to either confront them or avoid them. It is not always possible to do either.


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