Clash of civilization and proxy wars

Hunting gave a theory that after cold war clash among countries with be on cultural lines. There are around seven major civilizations in the world. These seven are Muslim, Hindu, western, japanese, chinese,African and orthodox. Huntington further said that these civilization conflicts can be both at micro and macro level. Micro level conflict means conflict between communities and macro level conflict means conflict between countries of differnt civilizations. Many scholars do agree with there views of Hungting. However many disagree with him. To accept his theory, israel-palestine conflict is one of the best examples. Had this conflict  happened between two countries of same civilization, this issue would have solved in a better way. But, owing to the fact that these two nations are from different civilizaions, this conflict has become a never ending phenomenon. Moreover the conflict between west and Islam can be seen in term of America-iran conflict.

Moreover, many people who do not agree with Hungting come up with the view that saudia Iran tussle is one the major conflicts of the world but this conflict is not between two different civilizaion. Personaly i do agree with this mentioned point of view. 

Though Huntington gave an opinion based theory, it needs more clarity and evidence based justifications.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

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