Real development should transform people’s lives not just economic statistics

it is often believed that a country needs to improve economy and economic statistics to bring real development to the country.There is no denying the fact that a strong economy plays major role in taking the country to the height of glory.But, real development cannot be attained only by tranforming economic statistics. It must be realized that real development lies in transforming the lives of people. So, transformation is needed to be made in not only economic but also social and political spheres of life. Nowadys, many countries are trying to tranform the lives of people just improving economic statistics by pursuring the desire to become world’s larget economy. However, the real developmen cannot be achieved until people are getting equal rights, education, food,  shlter, employment opportunities, clean environment, equal justice and protection to practice religious practices.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

4 thoughts on “Real development should transform people’s lives not just economic statistics”

  1. In new-wave Economics, thankfully there’s now an emerging distinction between “development” (improving literacy, intangible rights, political freedoms) and “growth” (explicit growth in GDP). But I do agree with you, more has to be done to ensure the Economic growth in emerging countries like SA and Brazil is then translated to actual improvement in the quality of life of the country’s citizens- otherwise the rich will only grow richer and the poor will not benefit from the rewards of growth.

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