Do not compare yourself with others.

It is often believed that some people are lucky enough to achieve their goals at a very young age. There are so many people who cannot achieve their goals until they are above 30 years old. So, it does not mean that they are not struggling to achieve their dreams.rather it means that they have high aims and dreams. When a class is graduated, so many of them manage to get job immediately after completion of their degree. Many of them cannot make it at the earliest. It is completely wrong to assume that only those people are successful who manage to get things done at the exact fix time. Always remember that every good thing happens at a certain time. The author of harry potter took several years to get her work published. She was around 32 years old when her work was published after being rejected by so many authors. The founder of Ali Baba was around 40 years old when he decided to establish his business. It is not important how early you achieve your dream rather what important is that how big you are thinking. What you have to do is hard work with passion, determination and sincerity. Do not compare yourself with others. You cannot be any other person. You are who you are. Everyone has own strength and weakness. Everyone is different from other people in so many ways. Be it environment, be it passion, be it his dreams or any other thing. Just decide what you want to get, try to find out ways to be on the right road. Do not bother much about others. if you stop doing work, nothing will happen. If you keep work, you will get alot.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

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