Dark side of india-Pakistan separation.

It is said that when we divide a thing into different parts, it loses its originalty, charm and chrisma. When our motherland was divided into different parts, it was not just a division of land but also of hearts, desires and love. It was not love but hatred that was spread all over the subcontinent. Some were anxious, some were shocked. Also, it is quite difficult to say that some were happy, but it can be true in some cases. Amid all such situation, people living in mental hospitals were completely oblivious of the fact that their homeland was being divided and many relatives who used to come meeting them now might would never come again. One day when they were told that subcountinent had been divided, many of them who were to some extent able to understand things, kept writhing in pain all the day long. Some of them fumed with annoyance. Some were anxious to know whether they were in India or Pakistan. Many wanted to know what country became the fate of their howntown. As per government notification, many of them were exchanged and were forced to leave the place where they had been living for age. We must not forget the price that our forefathers had to pay just to get this so called freedom.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

34 thoughts on “Dark side of india-Pakistan separation.”

  1. Exactlly!!
    I heard that it was divided between India and Pakistan, divided between Muslim and Hinduism,don’t you.
    India has worked hard with Japan for independence, India is a very important friend for Japan. : D

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      1. It’s a common sense ,”things don’t go the Way We Want”.
        But ,if you don’t like us,Do not approach me.

        There is also an harassing account which pretend Indian people.
        I do not know who you are.
        But this blogger did not reply to me, and you wrote rude comments.
        I hate thing like that.

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      2. What The Hell , You Get It Wrong Bro,I was Saying That Indians have a Special Kind of Affection and Friendship With Japanese,We Love You All . Please Don’t Misunderstand This, Japan and India Share Huge Culture , Religious and Economic Bonds,We Love You Guys

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  2. Division of peoples, such as, for example, occurred in Greater India, Greece and Turkey, Cyprus, and the former Yugoslavia, is frought with difficulties, usually painful.

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  3. The partition had witnessed some of the worst communal riots in the history of the world. Hindu- Muslim tensions still prevail deeply in India and every riot reminds us of 1946. It’s high time that we move on and embrace peace.
    Great article!

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  4. We( Indians) have done made many mistakes in the history. Partition was one among them. Perhaps the biggest mistake was to stop the partition in its middle stages. Hindus on that side became orphans instantly while muslims in India thrived. Indian politician’s made selfish and bad dicisions.We are facing it’s consequences and continue to face it. God knows for how long.

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