A community with shared destination

Our world is not only revolving but also changing with each passing day. It is consisted of different continents that are furthen divided into different countries. Human beings are divided based on cast,creed and religion. Every country has its own objectives and interests. Though, a number of treaties and mutual agreement have been signed by different countries, human beings  are still divided and pursing different destinations. Many analysts are of the view that partnership among different countries brings them together at a same platform and it further leads them on the road to prosperity. However, it is ostensible that many countries have come up with their own agendas and for this purpose they do not feel relunctant to withdraw from international treaties. Also, the policies of one developed country directly impacts on the policies and prosperity of a developing country. As if a developed country stop complying to trade agreement signed with a  developing country, the latter will have to suffer economically. Having built my point, it is not wrong to say that the prosperity of the country is in shared destination. Followed by America’s withrawl from The Paris Climate Agreement, revoke of Iran nuclear deal and immigration policies of America have badly affected many people of different countries of the world.  Having said this, prosperity of the countries is hidden in cooperation and coordination. Countries should prefer friendship over alliances and coordination over bigotry and disputes. All the evils of the world are brought by the countries that try to dominate over all other countries. It must be realized that peace cannot prevail until cooperation and coordination is promoted. 

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

9 thoughts on “A community with shared destination”

  1. I dunwanna be a stick in the mud. In my view, it can happen if, only if. Old traditionalistic values are challenged in every nation worldwide. An overhaul of Political policies that NATO,UN and EU that is a real practical and really enforced on. If all bloggers, not just WP community can or have a voice on that. Then yes, your point will take effect, on so many levels.

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  2. Reblogged this on The International Correspondent: Journalism for Peace (Peace Pursuit) and commented:
    Thanks for the follow, Annie
    Though my family and close friends say it would be far more entertaining with a video-camera*!)
    * By the way, do they still make them in today’s ever-faster changing world..or is it all done with mobile phones?
    (get with the times now,”luddite”* c – it should be a smart phone)
    * or so I was often called by my “my techno-geek” friend, Bill (“the gonk”)
    “total non-techno” c (who doesn’t possess a mobile phone, after a rather eventful’ experience some years back, whilst trying to walk, talk and chew gum at the same time)
    Who says men can’t multi-task!
    Men…Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em!
    “You will do foolish things…but do them with enthusiasm.”
    – Colette

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  3. I wonder when will our new era of “communication at light speed” be able to bring a new world that we will all be in better psychologic conditions in peace with all human beings and other species we are sharing our lives with.

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