Human Rights

The abuse of human rights is one of the major issues confronting humanity at present. We live in a world where decisions are based on national interests rather than considering humanity our top most priority. In the beginning, king and church had the ultimate power to take decisions. People were supposed to follow all the set rules and regulations of that time. With the passage of time, Europe finally succedeed to pull itself out the dark ages. Magna carta took tremendous change in the lives of people. The Bill of Rights further played a sgnificant role in making the lives of people peaceful and worth living for. Finally, the pole of power was shifted from king to common man. All these factors were proven appropriate to run the Europe on the road to democracy. Amid all such changes, a common man became able to ask the concerned authorities about his rights. People started think who they are?for what purpose they are living? What is the exact meaning of a society? What rights are entitled to them?and what are their duties. Also, people of that time started thinking with open mind and independently. When people start thinking indepentently, progess becomes ineluctable. The more people think independently, the better. Such thinking paved the way for freedom of speech and expression. It opened the way not only for industrial but also agricultural and medical revolution. Had there no freeom of expression given to the people, our world would have not entered into the age of science so quickly. 

Now we are living in the age of science and technology. This new age has brought us new challanges. Followed by neclear weapons, hacking, online hassasments, new viruses and tough routines have made our lives more vulnarable to the harm than ever before. In our world, there are around 185 independent countries. Almost every country promises her citizens some rights. Constitutions are formulated for this purpose. Governments are elected. Forces are formed to protect the country. However, there is not even a single country about that we are sure that it is providing all the constitutional rights to its people. In many countries people are dying, in some societies people are beaten to death by the authoritative people. There are so many out of school children in almost every developing country. Many people are dying with starvation. Justice has become a rare commodity in many countries. 

It must be realized that human rights abuse is everyone’s issues. Many international organizations and NGOs are working in this regard. However, nothing much can be changed until every person promise himself to fulfill his duties with honestly, sincerity and determination. Even a single person can bring alot of change to the lives of other people. Be the first one to change the world.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

9 thoughts on “Human Rights”

  1. This is the truth and its a fact. Until everyone sees this as an issue bugging every country, only then can the problem of human rights be solved. Beautiful writeup dear….
    Keep writing 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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