Vote and democracy

The importance of vote in the democracy cannot be denied because of the fact that vote ensures not only prevalance of democracy but also nourishes it to its fullest.Also, it is the responsible of every citizen to use his voting right in order to take part in stregthening democratic process. In a country like Pakistan, where civil military relations in terms of power to rule the country has remained in an unstable trajectory, the dream of a strong democratic system is not yet achieved. However, our country is set to enter into second consecutive democratic term. Now our hope are high and optimistic. Pakistan is ready to run on the road to strong democratic system. It is not a deniable fact that a strong democratic system is important not only to flourish economy but also to solve our internal and external security threats.Today is the remarkable day in the history of our country as elections are being held and the fate of political participants is to be announced soon.  People should not feel reluctant to use this voting right of theirs. It is better to use this right of ours at appropriate time rather than lament on the selection of incompitent people. 

Whoever comes in power, will have to formulate strong polices. One of the biggest foreign policy challanges that next government will encounter is stabilizing relations with India and America. At this point we can only pray that the party that comes in power, will be proven the best for the stability and prosperity of our country.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

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