Philosophy of love

Thinking about love in a philosophical way can be a little cold and clinical.i don’t know if true love exists in an absolute form.But definately it exists thts why it makes people think about it so immensly.

It exists in many has different rules and values in different societies and culture.Many researches have been done to find out “truth about existence of love”, but how it can be found equally same when it exists in different forms and rules.

Only a philosopher could give a philosophical explanation but for a common man,like me,it is not that much complicated thing.

It is not possible to define it in one or two lines definition.Everyone has own way of perceiving it.What makes you fall in love is your Attraction and compatability. Everyone has own choice and philosophy about can’t convince others to believe in your perceptions.

What can be the possible explanation of love:

It all depends upon your thinking and believes.Love is name of a thing that makes us happy and cause pleasure,tranquality and peace. It makes us feel hidden beauty of things. We can feel it but cannot see it. It can be a person,a place or even a thing.People love their parents because they are a source of peace and play a major role to make their life a better.Some people love their cars because they feel much pleasure whenever they get in.some love to travel.People love their partners because they share their life in a way that makes them dependent upon one an other.They find eachother a comfortable person to live with.Some people do it willingling and some are forced to do it because of their traditions that keep them together and as a result they start accepting next person.This happens when you know you have to do it as there is no other eventually you become comfortable with the person who may not be the one you ever wanted.

Whenever you see and interact with a person and feel this is exactly equal to my Own choice and imagination, then you call it strongly try to enter that person into you sphere of will surely strict to your choice, but, only if next person will be exactly equal to your expectations.It surely happens that people fall in love but after sometime they start regretting their decision. This can not be called love.They realize it and decide to end up. There is no scale to measure the intensity of love. And it can never be besed on conditions. Thts not love.

Another thing is possible,such as “Your needs and demands”.As,some people find much attraction for those who can fullfill all their basis start perceving him/her as your feel as if it a subject of substential significance in order to make your life a comfortable thing.You went on thinking about him/her and call it love.And you start thinking that life cannot be possible without that person because you not only idealise him, but also his whole way of life. Under such circumstance, you dont love that person and indeed you love all the facilities that he can provide you in life. Again, thts not love.

As according to Kavanagh,whenever you see a person and find him or her attractive then it results into release of dopamine and you actually feel pleasure.this reaction is so strong that you feel this person is your ideal.And you keep on thinking about him/her.But there could come a time when you may not find it attractive anymore.So,it can end up that attraction of yours. So true love is not all about looks and physical attraction. Its about accepting a person as a whole. Physical characteristics change with time.but the relation between souls can never be changed. If you love a person, you will accept him in every condition and situation.

In a nutshell,Love really exist in different forms.Everyone has own set of beliefs about it. Love for the materialistic things cannot be same as love for human beings. Matetialistic love keeps changing. However, love for a human being never changes. Its about making next person the part of your life in a way that cannot be reversed or separated.Everyone defines it according to their choices and preferences.It cannot be same for everyone.It is surely complicated but does exist.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

13 thoughts on “Philosophy of love”

  1. Nice post and when weΒ΄re talking about love could be crazy or serious love and it could be the alchemy of the modern time and philosopher stone to the human beings… I think so or no

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  2. I agree that love is a philosophy in itself because so many time we fall in love and we think, “we found it!” and then getting deeper into someone’s mind we find that there is something that isen’t right as if a piece of a puzzle that has been lost. Thank you for sharing and I hope you can check out my poetry and art,

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  3. I think love just sort of happens. It is not possession. I think it happens without one knowing it at least for some people. It is different for everyone so I guess this is just how I define it. You can’t force it. Sometimes love is just a force on its own. Love is found when you aren’t looking for it.

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  4. Complicated is what we should call love; cos that’s how your life becomes when you’re in it’s bosom. Life is too real, we need a little balance on reality and hope (fantasy) so that we can live normal lives, because if you’re too serious you’re insane, and if you’re not serious πŸ˜’ worst. I believe those that end up living life to the fullest are those who could balance it by also losing sometimes. When you lose to love you’re not losing entirely… beautiful post Dhanawat, I ‘Love’ this.

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