Be beautiful,Be yourself

Did you ever feel as if you are not beautiful.? If yes then please let me know the definition of being beautiful that will actually makes you feel good.if you say that God loves beauty,then, does it refers you face beauty?

No i repeat No.

God is great and He really Dont differentiate among His People based on their external beauty.Everything is created by Him, how He can dislike his creature.

All these standards are set by people who have created trouble for other persons.if just external beauty matters, what is the purpose of creating those who are not good enough to be called as beautiful.does God really like them?why there is always a discrimination based on external beauty?.the world in which we live is full of positive vibes,positive energies and positive things.there is nothing without any purpose.there is nothing to be disliked.

Only those are really not good enough to be called beautiful,who played role in spreading such negitivity in our world by setting discrimination among people based on the colour of ther skin.

Be yourself and be beautiful by spreading positive vibes,by motivating others,by helping others and by making yourself more beautiful by spreading happiness.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

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