BRICS:stronger partnershiop for brighter future

BRICS held its 9th summit this year, in china.though,it is an intergovernmental organization,formed on the principles of mutual trust and mutual agreement;but,has been encountring many issues since it formed.Basic objectives of this organization are based on the concepts of mutual trust,mutual trade agreements and cooperation,technological developments,climate change, to replace the u.S.A in leading world economy,western domination to the world affairs and counterweight to G7.
Why Brics is encountring so many issues.

1.disputes between china and india over the issue of boarder-such as dokhlam

2.brazile is going through economic issue

3.south africa is not much stable economically.

What was discussed in 9th summit.

1.accused pakistan(indirectly) of proving shelters to terrorist;discussed about ladhkir e taiba,jaish e Muhammadi and haqqani network.

2.discussed about north korea

3.india call for the creation of creding rationg agencies.

4.issues related to climate change investments

6.related to unfrustructural development


If,BRIcs countries want to make their vision successful,then,they will have to set their differences at the side.Regional organization cannot be resulted into lucrative outcomes,untill,there is trust and mutual cooperation.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

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