Changing world order and new problems:an overview

Our world has gone through different stages.As realists believe,Human nature is power seeking,so,it could be analyzed in the perspectives of changing dynamics of world order.offensive realism has become a glaring phenomenon in the foreign policies of major power-such as china and U.S.A.

At the end of WWII,world entered into a system bipolarity,that remained dominented till the end of cold war.After the demise of ussR,America emerged as sole super,with the emergence of china,economic globalization and rejuvination of Russia,world has entered into the system of multipolarity.

This system of multipolarity,seems better,as it maintains a balance in the world system.But,many glaring issues have started arising new problems that are needed to be solved.A wide gap,between new arising issues-such as populism,anti globalization issues,nuclear prolification issues,chaoes in middle east,rogue states,refugees crisis-and steps to solve these issues have created a dilemma for the new world order.

What could be done?

Sino-anerica bilateral stategic measures have alot to do in this regard;as,both are biggest economies.They should set their difference at the side,and will have to draw proper policies in order to take the world at a stable position.only,earnest efforts of big powers could make this world a better place.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

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