The social impacts of terrorism

Terrorism is not only a curse,but also a menace which is needed to be dissipated completely.

Terrorism has paralyzed our life 

in a way that not only affected us psychologically but also socially and emotionally.terrorism not only creates a fear in our mind but also makes us stay at home untill we feel secure enough to go of the many ravages of terrorism is poverty that has increased unemployment, and has dearth the progress of our country.terrorism has increased the element of intolerance in our country.intolerance not only increases domestic violence but also makes us think negatively about every aspect of our life.terrorism has increased the rate of illiteracy in our society.Many people feel reluctant to send their childern to school since terrorists have adopted a strategy to attack on schools.youth is considered one of the major pillors of a society,but terrorism has made them bound,reluctant and insecure.terrorism has badly affected tourism that was once a major source of revenue collection and a sign of peace and stability.Tourists feel reluctant to visit a country that is under attack of,it badly affects the image of a country and make citizens feel insecure.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

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