Make america great again                    vs                               making china great again

Many analysts have been writting about china’s global aspiration as u.s.a turns inward.But we need to know how is it really happening.

President trump vows to make america great again.but,instead of making it great,Mr.president is on a way to make it inward and isolated.Though isolation was one of the objectives of “Monro Doctrine”.And, has been followed till the end of first world war,but Mr.president will have to realize that at the time of isolation,America was not super power.President wilson managed to pull it out of isolation and resultantly America started traveling towards the destination of power.American increased involvement in world affairs and started to make sure his stay at the chair of most powerful nation-state.During cold war,american policies were followed by “truman doctrine” and “Marshal Plan”, latter one was based on the policy to provide aid to the war ravaged countries.According to an eminent writer,”if america had not started Marshal plan,European countries could have stand on there feet sooner”.One of the impacts of Marshal plan was that it increased dependance of European countries on America and resultantly America became most dominated country.American politcies during cold war era were based on making alliances.American policies were so strong that finally Gorbachev had to start new policies-such as “perestriokal” and “Glassnost”.policies of Reagon,bush senior,clinton,bush and obama were not based on Isolation.Now Question arises,what makes Donald Trump follow a policy based on isolation?will it work at the time when our world has become a global village?or is it just to pursue power goals of president trump? Many controversies have been linked to this discussion, but, latter one makes more sense.

On the other hand,china is on the way to replace America at the stage of most powerful country.

How china is doing it?

1.china has started showing involvement in afghanistan

2.Belt and road initiative 

3.china has shunned blithely the ruling of international court over the issue of south china sea and its islands

4.china has decided not to compromise over disputed island of south china sea-paracel,spratly,scarboroshole

5.America cannot resolve north korean issue without willingness and help of china

6.despite,having imposed sanction on north korea by U.N.O,china still doing trade with N.Korea because it is in the interests of china.

7.china has started increasing defense capabilities.

In a nutshell,America seems to move backward and china ia ready to move forward.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

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