If you learn from defeat,you haven’t really loss.

Man is a rational being.what really separates a man from an animal is his ability of thinking and analyzing things critically.A successful man is one who not only makes a goal in his life,but also tries to achieve it.if a person could not achieve his goal even after alot of sincere struggle,then,instead of regretting over it,he tries to analyze it critically.A man with high ambition keeps one thing in his mind,that,a defeat is not a defeat if you learn from it.success is for those who not only work hard for it,but also learn from failures.As,we have examples of many great leaders,who came up with an ambition to achieve high valued goals,they were teases,they were mocked,but they never stoped struggling even after facing many failures and defeats.History is full of examples of those people who stumbled upon many defeats but they made their defeats a strategy to morph their failure into success.Nelson mandela,a man of high stature,had to come across many defeats but he took it as a way to sail through his task.Man has been given intellectual abilities;so, the need of the time is to analyze the reasons of any particular defeat and to plan a strategy to make your defeat into success.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

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