Hope must be a never ending phenomenon

Where ever you are,whatever you are doing,whatever you are and whatever you wanna be,there is only one thing which matters,and that is “hope”.

Hope not only keeps us motivating but also gives a reason to live better life.we stumble upon alot of things and people during our daily commuting.some look miserable and some inspire us to make our life better.we have a alot of wishes but not every wish is achieveable;dire need is to realize what is your ultimate and foremost goal.once you realize it,just think,what you could do to achieve it.keep one thing very much clear in your mind,output cannot be expected without giving input.stick to your goal;try to make it achieveable.if you want to achieve your goal,then,you will have to do alot of struggle and hard work;you will have to sacrifice a lot of things-even,might be,your frnds or hobbies.

If you are struggle for a goal,that needs alot of time to be done, then, you will get a alot of flak,you must be strong enough to take flak,if you wanna keep yourself motivated.dnt give a damn to condescending attitude of others.

BUT, you will have to keep moving and at that time only one thing will help you to sail through this stage  and that is “HOPE”.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

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