Failures of liberalism

West have always been strong supporter of liberalism and democrcy.many efforts have been made by western countries to promote liberalism;But,what is making them moving away from seems as if realism is getting triumph over liberalism..

What are current threats to liberalism?

1.nationalist policies of donald trump

2.annexation of crimea by Russia

3.catolinia referrendum seems difficult to be accepted by the government and court of spain-where is freedom of speech?

4.wave of populism by MR. Trump,presedent Eurdogan have become a real threat.

5.kurdish crisis has become a never ending issue.

6.isnt it true that Brexit shows failure of liberal institutionalism.? there really even a single country that is getting full rights of freedom of speech and freedom of expression?

8.what i analyzed is expansin of china is not promoting liberalism,but,it is clear menifestation of offensive realism.

9.Trump new south asia policy is clear menifestation of offensive realism.

10.proxy wars which are being played by major countries in middle east,are clear menifestation of their national interesest.

11.u.N.o have failed to bring peace in the world

It will not be wrong to say that our world is moving away from peace.intenational system will have to think of it as a serious issue,otherwise it can be resulted into devastating effects.lets just get it over with.

Let the sanity prevail.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

18 thoughts on “Failures of liberalism”

  1. All of these are fight for rights, so you are not far off from the topic. LIberals, Radicals, Democrats and others are just groups that argue who needs more rights and who needs less. Bad politics make bad decisions and bad decisions make war, so I stay away from politics. You should too.

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      1. Yeah, but everybody is getting so violent. It is just going to create more problems and hate among the people that should unite. World is becoming intolerant to various groups, where one word can put you in a lot of trouble. Spain could’ve tolerate Catalonia’s choice, and Catalonia could tolerate Spain’s choice, or they could find a mutual language and discuss the problem at hand. I just don’t like politics. I am all for the people as long as they don’t turn violent. I have bad experience with politics, that’s all I tried to say.

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      2. No, I am from the Balkan region of Europe. I was born when communism ended, I saw socialism take over, I saw democracy take over and I still watch what is going on. Every change of regime was enforced through wars that raged in this parts. Google “balkanization” and see what am I talking about. Balkan people of today know what bad politics are, and we are more that ready to drop them like a bad habit. That’s why I grew to be maximally tolerant and emotionless toward other nations.

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      3. No, that would be the Red Block countries, we were communists, but rivals to Russians, because we were in good relations with the USA and Europe. We were far more advanced in political, social, economical way than USSR. Yugoslavia was the union of south Slavic nations that was in good term with east and the west, which was impossible at those times. We had it all, but that is over now. When everything started breaking apart, people suffered the most. Now we are slowly building up former relations, socializing more, even conducting international marriages (not thanks to politics that keep telling us we are enemies to each other).

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      4. My point exactly. Change must come from within the nation, not from the political standing ground. I support logic, not policies. This is how I think, this is me and I don’t put my thought onto others. Everybody is more than welcome to think what they want, but don’t lie to people and use them for political agenda.

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  2. I’m a little unclear on your definition of liberalism. How do you define it? Do you think that authoritarianism is better? Do you think that never considering new possibilities is best? It would be better to have kept slavery, racial inequality, gender inequality…? I don’t get your point of view.

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    1. I am trying to say that,though liberalism is best one,but,now a days we can see that principles of liberalism are not being followed by even western countries.though, every one should have freedom of speech and right of self determination;but,what is happening with kurds?in catolinia?in myanmer? .leader,such as trump,eurdogan,now,seems populist instead of being liberalist.what role is being performed by U.N.o? World is just in a chaos.counties have tilt toward realism-such as nationalist policies of trump,populism,self interests of major powers in middle east-rather than liberalism.

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