The concept of feminism, is too long to be discribed in just a few words.it took feminists so long to make it an acceptable phenomenon.Despite having done alot of work,feminists are still encountring many difficulties.it is not an easy thing to make people deviate from societal rules that have been embedded in their personalities.thought,feminism is not a bad concept to be liked but it can have different repercussions in different societies;many people take it as a positive development but,many are here to criticize it firms.And, antagonist dnt get shy to utter anything against it.in my own view,feminists have failed to make people aware what exactly is it.?is it an opportunity to violate societal norms or it is to empower every person at equal level.?in many developing counties,people take is just as an opportinity which gives women a chance to break societal set rules abruptly.i have seen a number of videos in which women were dancing, in the middle of men who were unsolicitedly gawking at them, to show solidarity with feminist.it is really a right step to be taken?dnt you think they should start it from some others steps that should portray feminism in a positive way among people who are already against it.

I am not againt feminism.equity is a good thing to be prevailed in our society.there are many things which could pull us out of all these funks;but the neend is to take initiatives in a right way.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

5 thoughts on “Feminism”

    1. One is not born,but rather bocomes a women.
      I dnt know much about her but i have heared about her feminine philosophy that i mentioned above.if there is someting unique about her,share that đŸ™‚

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  1. Hey Ann.. Nice post, interesting thoughts and very relevant, there indeed failure of feminist.If I have to term myself I too would be a feminist ( just because im biased towards the female) . But what I realised, more than feminsim (I wouldn’t want to call myself that) or any ism as such we need humanism on the whole as a society, we are failing as humans in every aspect. Feminsim is yet another stint may be to show alone a woman cannot do much. Unity, support is definitely strength, but I say each woman must learn and develop courage to stand for herself on her own,be her own saviour. Not wait for any feminist or anyone for that matter.

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