Kurds and right of self determination.

Kurdas are basically stateless people.even,having filled all the criteria of being a separate nation,they are still stateless.they are denied of their right of self determination,bacause it will lead toward political imbalance in the region.but, the question is,why countries,such as turkey and iraq, sign united nations human rights charter, if they are unable to pursue its requirments.it has been clearly written in UNHRC,that every nation has a right of self determination..even,if we look at the history,one of the major reasons why usa colonalists decleared war with Britishers, was their idea of being a separate state, that pursuaded them to stand for their right.the belief of being a separete nation played very much important role in indo-pakistan separation.as far as kudrs are concerned,they want themselves being recognized as a state in a peaceful way;they want a democratic country but who is there to listen their voice??

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

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