Rohingya crisis

Since we all are busy and no one gives a damn to other people.there is a small minority,Rohingya, living in Rakhine state of Myanmer.they are deprived of their basic right to citizenship despite having lived there for age.they are forced to flee to bangladesh.they are living there life without any shelter and are dying of hunger.

Why is it happening

Myanmrer government gives a reason that they dnt belong to us they are those people whose parents fled to myanmar during british government have statred ethnic cleansing operation and rohingyas are not allowed to live there.Myanmer government refused to allow UnHRC to visit that place and analyse whole situation.Journalists are not allowed to go there, and, those who are allowed, have to follow certain restrictions and conditions.they are not free to report the problem completely.i watched an interview of five years old girl who lost her parents on their way to bangladdesh but she managed to cross the what is future of that girl?who will provide her shelter?this is just a small example.people are dying,women are being rapped,children are crying but Myanmer government have no concern.

My question is

Everone knows they are not bangladeshi or indiands; they are living in Myanmmer since ages.let suppose the stance of Myanmer goverment is right, still, whoever they are,they are human being.aren’t they? They are stateless people, some are now even nameless.they have no identity.they know that no one will accept them.i have no idea how Myanmer government even think of it.

When we talk about suffrage of people in syria and yamen,we say that all that is happening bacause of proxy wars which are being fought there by super power but what about myanmer?who is playing proxy wars there?Rohingyas are too poor to earn daily livings.thay are not allowed to marry without government permission.they are deprived of their right of education and even employment..they are too weak to stand for their right infront of government.

So who is responsible for this?

Why human being are not allowed to live in earth peacefully .?

Where they all will go?

Ironically we do all this intentially and then we say that terrorism is increasing in the world,and,then we blame muslims to spread terrorism in the world.but we dnt look at the reasons that are triggering this menace.

Please give your feedback

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

26 thoughts on “Rohingya crisis”

  1. Islam does not allow even to kill one innocent human being, because it as though killing the whole humanity. The crisis is plightful and worlds should come together and like UNO should force themselves to come and introspect the matter.But genocide of Muslims there is, it is unfathomable for general people . How can a state do that?

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      1. But issue is U.N have charactarized it as ethnic cleansing but have not used the word genocide..unlike genocide, ethnic cleansing has not been designed as an independent crime under internstional law.thts why u.n cant force much i know about it

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  2. I’ve heard of the Rohingya crisis in the new heard from afar. But I’ve never known what basically lay in the issue until I read your post. I didn’t know the Rohingya issue exists because their ancestor had to flee their birth place under the British colonial rule. Where was their original home place? What did the British do to them? I believe the awareness of us all about the basis facts will guide us in seeking a solution.

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    1. Ok let me tell you.basically Rohingya trace their origion in the region to the fifteenth century when thousands of Muslims came to formal rakhine kingdom.and Burman (present day Myanmer)was next to this Rakhine state.Rohungyas are basically muslims and people of Burma was their conflict started in fifteenth century because influence of rohingya was increases and it made burma frightened.then conflict increased and resulted into fight.burma anexed rakhine state and changed name of country that is now Myanmer..after that Myanmer came under british rule and got independence in 1948.this issue is not have gone through different stages.according to myanmer citizenship law a person is eligible for cituzenship if his incesters have lived there prior to 1823 and govment says that these rohingys are those whose incestors fleed to myanmer from bangladesh.they are deprive of their right to citizenship despide having lived there for ages.

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    2. And according to there law full citizenship right is based on membership of national reces who acording to law have settled there prior to 1824.and they have excluded rakhine from the list of 135 registered reces of myanmer..usually a chaild get membershp of country where he borns but Myanmer law dont have such rules.

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      1. Thank you for the detailed background of the issue. Now I think I can grasp the issue in its entirety and understand that Aung San Suu Kyi as Myanmar’s de facto leader is not t0 totally blame for the issue as reports here indicate she is.
        Setting aside the basic details, it goes without saying that violence must not be a way to solve any social issue. Burning their houses, killing them and pushing them out of their village by force are utterly wrong. There must be world leaders capable of solving the issue so that the Rohingyas will find their place to live peacefully. I know it’s easy said difficult done. But that is the ultimate goal for us all human beings to achieve.
        A similar issue is heard now from Iraq involving the Kurdish people. And others are also going on in other parts of the world though they look different on the surface.
        Thank you again for enlightening me on the issue.

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  3. I fell in love with Myanmar and its people a couple years ago while spending 2 weeks hiking and traveling. A peaceful, wonderfully accessible place with a mix of people. And the recent Rohingya crisis has been one of the greatest shocks I’ve experienced. It goes against everything Myanmar as a people and, in a sense, as the new government, wanted to be. Politics is the ugliness here, a global horror.

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