world is at cross road 

The world which we dwell in is at a cross politicians and military leaders sound incriseinly belligerent and defense doctrines more dangeruos;it all loooks as if world is going away from peace.once our world was a worth living place but conditions of nations have been dilapidated.leaders have become facetious, inexorable and we can easily see revival of realism in twenty first century.incursions and Millitart involvement by super powers in develoing countries-such as syria,yamen,iraq,afghanistn,somalia etc-has made this world a heinous place.besides this,human rights violation has become a never ending phenomenon.sacrilege of holy places and blasphamy has further aggreviated the situation..terrorism,sectarianism,national priorities are the major elements which lead a world toward war and this is what we are facing these days.i dont think so there is one a single country which is not part of this crisis-directly or indirctly.

India-pakistan issue

arab-qatar crisis

u.s.a-russia crisis

russis-ukrain crisis

brexit and u.k

emerging germany and europe issues

u.s.a and so called war on terror

syria and proxy war

yamen and proxy wars of super powers

iran-saudia issues

palestines-israel issues

Above all are major issues and there are many more issues at national and international lever.peace has become a rear thing.

In a nutshell, our world is moving away from peace.

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

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