beauty and life

Why everyone likes beautiful face but not a beautiful heart..everyone likes beauty no one gives value to those who dnt have beautiful face.why this world is so mean and cruel.what is the fault of the people who dnt have beautiful face to entertain others.even God likes beauty and God Loves beautiful things Why He created this differentiation among His people.if he love beauty then why he created things which are not 

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

3 thoughts on “beauty and life”

  1. Beauty is not confined to appearance my dear, inner beauty matter the most. Allah has said he loves who is a Muttaqi, a person who has Taqwa,(it’s a vast terminology, Translated as God conscious, Those who fear God etc) you can refer, there are various references to it, Refer to Quran it says best among those who has Taqwa, Allah has made Jannat not for any Muslim but for Muttaqi Muslim, Ramadan is best month for acquiring Taqwa 2:183 I think, please cross check the reference. He is very just, he loves beautifulness of inside as well as even if someone has beautiful face need not be called the beautiful person you know. Try to introspect a little more dear, and please remember me in your prayers,

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      1. Yea, I understand your momentary thoughts it’s human, happens to me too, But remember He is called the Most just (forgetting the Arabic) and everyone is equal and He has put human in different race and tribes and colors so that we can know each other and not despise each other.

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