Though i am not against america and i really like america and americans but i am really amazed why Mr. Trump is very impulsive.i think he dont have enough knowledge about the political affairs of the world thts why he commited many blunders during her visit to saudia and israel.he is at the highest pilotical post of the world but he have a kind of nonserious and childish attitude.i think he is at a learning stage but this is really affecting the image of america and giving a way to china and russia to hold the control of the world.Mr.trump will have to change her attitude he needs a lot of practice and experience to become able to control the affairs of the world.being a businessman he is really confused how to deal with the political affairs because there is a lot of difference between business affairs and foreign policy affairs.he should keep in mind that the presidents of other powerful countries have alot of experience of they very well hiw to use others for own purpose and Mr.trump will have to make america great again but it will be possible after a lot of work and i requires alot of stamina.

Goodluck trump

Author: Annie Aman

I am a psychologist and writer.

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